Without a trace of fatigue, your youthful face


NEW! Unique creams Guerlain Abeille Royale

Continuing to work with the components of the sensational serum Abeille Royale, Guerlain specialists created new day and night creams that are revolutionary in their effects. Together, they are even more active in resisting the appearance of microcracks of the skin, one of the main causes of wrinkles.

Estee lauder

The new DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Moisturizers SPF 15 antioxidant cream for normal to combination skin protects the skin with high-tech sunscreens and the best UV protection formula. Visually reduces the first signs of aging - facial wrinkles, dull and uneven complexion.

La Prairie - your eyes and our experience

The Swiss luxury cosmetic brand has introduced a new line of sensitive eye care products that includes: anti-aging eye cream with protection level SPF 15. Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15, cell "contouring cream for the skin around the eyes, opposing Skin Caviar Eye Complex is rich in proteins, constantly enhances skin elasticity, which prevents wrinkles, Cellular Radiance Eye Cream restores its “glow”, Skin Caviar Luxe cream has a lifting effect ektom.


The new anti-aging collection for the face and eye area Elemis Anti-Ageing Face and Eyes Collection consists of 3 products: a pro-collagen “sea” moisturizer that reduces wrinkles by 78% and replenishes fluid loss by up to 45%; a pro-collagen oxygenated night cream that restores skin cells overnight 41%, and a pro-collagen cream for the area around the eyes that removes wrinkles and renews the skin to 60%.

Jo malone

The main component of the Vitamin E Collection Signature Skin Car of this London-based cosmetic brand is Vitamin E, which is necessary to maintain and maintain youthful skin. The collection includes: gel; oxygenated balm, body scrub; lip conditioner with SPF15 protection and nourishing hand cream.

Silk Peeling Mask Kanebo

A new luxurious product - Silk Peeling Mask - will bring beauty to perfection. Just one minute for a procedure that is pleasant in all respects - and your skin will shine, fill with moisture and free itself from the layer of the upper keratinized epidermal cells.

The composition of the original cream mask includes the concentration of Aqua Fit Enzyme enzymes, Sensai Silk Scrub silk scrub and the special Mild Silk Formulation formula. This allows you to achieve the effect of soft exfoliation and deep hydration of the skin. It is recommended to use the mask 2-3 times a week.

M picaut

The Swedish cosmetic brand has developed an exclusive line of facial skin care products, consisting of a “moisturizer”, a water spray, a cleanser and a nourishing oil based on lipo-peptides, aloever extract and jojoba


The well-known Brightening Program line for skin lightening has been replenished with another remedy: the new Daily UV Protection SPF 30 PA +++, which has a threefold positive effect on the skin: protection against ultraviolet rays of spectrum A and B, antioxidant effect and the prevention of dark age spots.

Kiehl's - 4 Steps to Flawless Skin

Kiehl's new Photo Age rejuvenating skin line is presented in four “steps”: a cleanser with plum extract and sakura leaves, with an exfoliating deep effect; activating tonic that brightens the skin; an intensive corrective moisturizer that actively reduces the appearance of black spots and uneven skin tone; and finally, a means to remove age spots.

Dior Hydra Life - for youthful skin

For modern women over 30, Dior devotes its first range of Hydra Life cosmetics, which provides intensive moisturizing care and helps to preserve the skin's natural youth. The line is based on anti-aging serum concentrate, which actively prevents the first signs of exposure to time.

The line includes nine products with textures suitable for all skin types.

Sephora: not serious about serious

The French chain of perfume and cosmetics stores is launching a new series of its own highly effective Smiling Skincare skincare products. The “green” line of this series includes makeup remover, exfoliation and deep cleanser, as well as face masks, scrubs, double-exposure creams, softening milk, tonics, wet wipes, soft cotton pads.

The "blue" line is all means for removing makeup from the eyes, able to cope even with waterproof mascara. The “Pink” line contains moisturizers for all skin types, and the “Purple” line contains anti-aging creams, masks, gels and tonics. The “coral” line is all that the body needs: shower gels, scrubs, body milk, creams for legs and hands, and much more. The entire series is presented in a bright and recognizable package, with clear instructions for using this or that tool.

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