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Armenia and UAE discussed a wide range of issues of development of bilateral relations

Armenia and the UAE signed an agreement on the mutual donation of land for the establishment of diplomatic missions in both countries, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding "On the removal of the requirement to obtain entry visas for people with diplomatic passports." According to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, the documents were signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Edward Nalbandyan and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UAE, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who was in Yerevan on a two-day official visit.

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Smart city in UAE launches unmanned buses

Masdar City, the smart city in Abu Dhabi, unveiled its first NAVYA unmanned vehicle. It can carry up to 12 people and does not require driver participation. The shuttle was launched in the presence of dignitaries from the Department of Transport, the Abu Dhabi Police and the French Embassy. The unmanned bus designed by the French company NAVYA is an autonomous electric vehicle.

Over 30 types of fines charged in Dubai Metro

In the Dubai Metro, up to 30 types of various fines are levied - in the amount from 100 (US $ 27.4) to 2000 (US $ 548) dirhams. According to the rules established by the Dubai Roads and Transport Committee, it is forbidden to consume food and drinks, chew gum, bother passengers or put their feet on chairs in the subway - a minimum fine of AED 100 is charged for these violations.

Zayed National Museum at Multaqa Festival

On the occasion of the imminent completion of the construction of the Zayed National Museum, the program of lectures at the Multaqa festival introduces everyone to the future exhibition of the museum. A dynamic program designed to become a platform for discussion and debate, in the form of lectures represents the main objectives of the project. The lectures should facilitate further dialogue between the museum and the public and allow it to become the face of the UAE in the future.


Dear compatriots, readers and the creative team of the magazine "Russian Emirates"! On behalf of the staff of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the United Arab Emirates and on my behalf, accept my sincere congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory! The great victory over fascism was made possible thanks to the feat of our fathers and grandfathers.

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In Dubai, a man issued a credit card using fake documents

The Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday heard the case of a 28-year-old businessman of Pakistani descent who is accused of falsifying documents and using another person's Emirates ID when applying for a credit card in the fall of 2015. In court, the man denied allegations of forgery and fraud.

Seafood restaurants

AL MAHARA / Hotel Burj Al Arab One of the most famous restaurants in Dubai, where it is customary to take guests on an excursion, is to see the famous hotel from the inside, ride a "submarine", enjoy fish in a giant aquarium, and, of course, taste the delicacies. Expensive and pompous, but tasty. Flash photography is prohibited.

Dubai attracts British investors

Dr. Mahdi Al Aswid, Managing Director of Halcon Real Estate It turns out that there are two types of foreign investors - those who invest in holiday destinations where there is a steady demand for housing, and those who invest in a particular country, first by studying house prices and existing trends.

Child's world

EACH MOM IS SURE THAT HER BABY IS TALENTIVE. A LITERATED TEACHERS AND TRAINERS KNOW HOW TO USE THE USEFUL SKILLS INTO OUTSTANDING ABILITIES. To achieve success, all of them need to meet - at the right time and in the right place. Text: Natalia Remmer Recently, the centers of children's creativity, which used to be called "circles", grow in the United Arab Emirates like mushrooms after rain.


The road here passes through a desert landscape, which is replaced by impressive mountain ranges. Then the highway goes down to the coast of the Indian Ocean, striking with its pristine and pristine beauty. Here you can see fishing villages on wide sandy beaches and watch how locals pull their nets from the ocean or unload the catch from the sides of the boats.

Etihad Airlines to Deliver Supercars from UAE to UAE

Transporting a supercar around the world has become easier with the launch of the new FlightValet service from the cargo and logistics division of Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi. The Etihad Cargo initiative is timed to the most popular time of the year for motorists from the UAE who prefer to take their cars abroad with them for a comfortable trip.

In the emirate of Ajman, an auction of car license plates was held

Car number H2 was purchased at an auction in the emirate of Ajman for 1.65 million dirhams ($ 459 thousand) on Saturday, November 25. At an auction organized by Emirates Auction, 50 signs were put up. They were sold for a total of 9.13 million dirhams ($ 2.48 million). All numbers at the auction belonged to the "H" series.

Social events: Cartier Polo Cup 2011

On February 18, 2011, Dubai hosted one of the most prestigious and famous international polo tournaments for the Cup of the French watch and jewelry company Cartier - Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2011. The Cup was held under the patronage of Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, the wife of Sheikh Mohammed Ben Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai Airport will be served by a heavy-duty electric car

On Monday, Chevrolet Middle East and Dubai Airports operator Dubai Airports announced that the Bolt EV electric car is joining the operator’s fleet. It is known for an unprecedented range of trips on a single charge - up to 520 km. Bolt EV will operate at the world's busiest international airport - Dubai International Airport (DXB).

"What is the use of night if there are no stars in it"?

Muslim holidays. "What is the use of night if there are no stars in it"? Nearing the end of the 1428th Muslim year, a series of Islamic holidays was opened. Muslims celebrated Eid ul-Fitr (Feast of Conversation) in October for three days. After a hard day, which lasted for a month during the 40-degree heat, the Emirate’s society relaxed and matured.

Safari. Weekend in the desert.

Loose silhouettes, a "worn-out" look of jackets, jackets and trousers. Clothing colors sand and roadside dust. Adventure lovers will love the "wildness" of the "safari" style. Moving from the catwalk to the catwalk, from season to season, the safari style arose far from megacities in the African savannahs. Almost a century later, the “protective” color uniforms became the subject of a fashion cult, and the safari jacket - something between a jacket and a blouse with sleeves to the elbows - a classic of style.

Travel and cargo companies

Sending goods to the cities of the CIS Stas & Alex Cargo Services (Stas & Alex Cargo) t: (06) 533-03-32, (06) 533-04-42, f: (06) 539-47-76, t: (050) 798-48-79, (04) 227-96-04 Aerolink Int. Tours & Cargo (Aerolink International Tours & Cargo) t: (04) 224-81-11, f: (04) 221-96-00 Al Basma Cargo & Services (Al Basma Cargo & Services) t: (04) 262- 33-87, f: (04) 262-11-94 Al Bayan Tourism & Air Cargo (Al Bayan Tourism and Air Cargo) t: (04) 228-28-03, f: (04) 228-28-31 Atlanta Tourism & Cargo (Atlanta Tourismend Cargo) t: (04) 268-31-00, f: (04) 268-36-00 mob: (050) 627-64-61, 657-43-52 Azemarch Group Trading Travel Tourism Cargo (Azemarch Group Trading Travel Tourism Cargo) t: (06) 532-52-72, (06) 533-47-84 Bin Majid Tourism & Cargo (Bin Majid Tourism and Cargo) t: (06) 522-82-01 Fasten Tourism & Rent A Car (Fast Tourism & Rent-a-Car) t: (04) 272-07-08, (04) 271-43-67 Grand Tours Tourism & Cargo (Grand Tours Tourism & Cargo) t: (04 ) 228-44-50, (04) 228-44-53 Inte rglobe Travel, Tourism & Cargo (Interglob Travel, Tourism & Cargo) t: (04) 297-06-66, (04) 297-10-90 Ivory Shipping Cargo (Ivory Shipping Cargo) t: (04) 227-77- 78, 227-72-78 Mida Travel, Tourism & Cargo (Mida Travel, Tourism & Cargo) t: (04) 224-22-55, (04) 222-59-00 North South Cargo (North-South) t: (06) 532-55-38, f: (06) 532-55-37 e-mail: nsc @ nsc.