Sea and algae: Phytomer's main research area

The sea is one of the richest sources for healing the body and spirit. Only sea water contains all substances (104 oligoelements, minerals, vitamins, etc.) necessary for the vital functions of the epidermis and the normal balance of the whole organism. About 35,000 algae grow in the sea, which also consist of the active substances contained in sea water, and their concentration is 50,000 times higher.

Phytomer has the only laboratory that can keep the main active substances intact, using only natural extraction methods. Lyophilization (drying process at low temperature) allows you to save the structure and composition of algae, as well as sea water. The obtained Oligomer extract is a physiological sea solution, which is the exclusive property of Phytomer and contains 104 oligoelements necessary for the vital activity of the epidermis, is included in most of its cosmetics.

It should be noted that human blood plasma and sea water have a similar chemical composition, as well as similar protective and restorative properties. This amazing similarity of composition and behavior - marine biomemitism - allowed Phytomer to develop active ingredients that, when included in cosmetics, are perfectly absorbed and tolerated by the skin, solving aesthetic problems with great effectiveness.

Today, Phytomer products are represented in more than 70 countries, most of which have branded spas. In the UAE and Gulf countries, Phytomer products are introduced by Beauty Leaders LLC.