The world press is ready for the visit of the Pope to the UAE

The visit of the Pope to the UAE is covered by hundreds of journalists from dozens of countries.

Almost seven hundred journalists from thirty countries of the world received permission from the National Media Council to cover the first visit of the Pope to the UAE.

In a special statement by the UAE National Council on Mass Media, it says that all preparations for the fruitful and safe work of the press covering the event have been completed. It is also noted that the impressive number of accredited employees of world news agencies shows how great interest is in the first visit of the head of the Vatican to the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula as a whole.

Representatives of the press will be able to use the fully equipped media center, they are provided with comfortable housing and transport.

Well-known European publishers such as the European Press Photo Agency (EPA), Ruptly TV, Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur from Germany, la Repubblica, Agenzia Italia and ACI Stampa from Italy, Radio France, Le Figaro, Agence France Press and France24 from France. Great Britain will be represented by BBC Arabic and BBC World Service, and the United States by the Financial Times, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN.

Newtr News agency and TRT Arabi from Turkey, La Nacion from Argentina, Televisa from Mexico, ABS-CBN from the Philippines, Union of Catholic Asian News, based in Hong Kong, and Nikkei from Japan, as well as numerous representatives of the Arab press will also arrive: Al Arabiya and Arab News from Saudi Arabia, Alghad TV from Egypt, Jordan News Agency and Jordan Press Foundation from Jordan, Voice of Lebanon 100.5 and LBCI from Lebanon and Moroccan News Agency from Morocco and others.

During the visit, the head of the Catholic Church will visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque, meet with the Muslim Council of Elders, led by the Great Imam Al-Azhar, and hold a mass at tens of thousands of believers at Zayed Abu Dhabi Stadium.

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