Sea rituals of Phytomer


The French brand Phytomer, with a 30-year history, offers face and body care cosmetics, unique in its composition and effect, created on the basis of natural active marine components and using ultra-modern biotechnologies. Phytomer, founded in 1971 and part of the Jacques Dessange group, used the world's first marine extracts in modern cosmetology. Today, it is a leading company in the development of French selective and professional cosmetics based on seaweed and lyophilized sea water, clay and sea mud. Phytomer products are not only notable for their visible external effects, but also normalize metabolism, promote weight loss, improve complexion and make wrinkles less noticeable. Phytomer remedies for preventing the appearance or smoothing of existing stretch marks on the body are also very popular.

In order to personally get acquainted with all the miraculous means of Phytomer and experience the professionalism of the physiotherapists of the spa center where they work with these cosmetics, we went to the “blue sea”, or rather, to the east coast of the Indian Ocean at Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort and Spa. Two special rituals were already waiting for us there: the prestigious Phytomer Spa Prestige Massage massage and the anti-aging facial treatment Vie Collection Premium Facial, each of which was designed for an hour and a half.

Before proceeding to the actual procedures, we allow ourselves to soak for half an hour in the jacuzzi and sauna of the spa center. Then, the time comes for rituals, which are taken seriously here. First, put in order the body. The branded "prestigious massage" begins ... not at all with massage, as you might think, but with the preparation of the whole body for it. What needs to be done so that the body is completely relaxed? You’ll never guess. The physiotherapist puts a strip of foil along the spine, on the inside of which is applied some kind of viscous mass, similar to sea mud, and asks you to roll over on your back to squeeze it all with your own weight.

After a while, an obvious slight tingling begins in the area of ​​the spine, pleasant warmth spreads over the body and the full impression is created that tiny geysers explode on the back every second or some bubbles burst. At this time, a fragrant scrub is applied to the body, and the smallest particles of dead epidermis are removed from the skin surface. This is followed by a warm shower, after which the whole body is oiled with an exotic and slightly tart smell and a real massage begins - with tapping, patting, bending the arms and legs, stretching out each finger, each joint. The body seems to be just gutta-percha. At the end of this ritual, it is discovered that there is not a trace of oil on the body, it is so delicate that not the driest skin gratefully absorbed it, without a trace. We put on a bathrobe and go to the rest room, waiting for the next procedure. A caring physiotherapist puts a warm pillow full of lavender flowers, aromatic herbs and sea salt on her neck and shoulders to maintain the effect of massage and prolong pleasure, and offers a cup of green tea. After that, I want to doze off in a comfortable lounge chair, but ....

I did not have to rest for a long time. A cosmetologist appears in the rest room and offers to start the fight with the first (and second, and third) signs of aging and tiredness on the face. This procedure, in general, consists of the same basic steps as any cleansing mask - cleansing, toning, moisturizing (nourishing, caring, protective, rejuvenating, etc.) masks, light facial massage and final application to the skin moisturizer with a protective SPF factor. What exactly did Phytomer like? An extraordinary sense of pleasure after applying every new tool. The feeling of a slight tightening of the facial contours after the mask, which was also superimposed on the eyelids, and the absence of general pallor and blue circles under the eyes. And another repetition of a small massage for the hands, feet, neck and shoulder girdle, while the mask, acting for 15 minutes, remained on the face. And where did this blush come from? This is followed by the same herbal pillow on the neck and tea. Have a rest!

Most likely, the general tone and high spirits appeared after the massage ritual, and the indecent young face of a stranger looking from a mirror was the final proof of the undeniable effectiveness of Phytomer professional products. Yes, by the way, if you love yourself and not be lazy, following all the cosmetologist’s advice on daily self-care (where, just, take the time for all this?), Then you can easily look 30 or less in your 50s and 60s better without. Maybe it's time to start your day with the Phytomer “sea rituals”?

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