Emanuel Vitorgan: "I adore the female sex"

Interviewed: Natalia Remmer, Marina Sukhacheva


Hero lover is not my genre

A fine January day. Cozy private beach of the luxurious residential complex Shoreline Apartments, on the "trunk" of the main miracle island of Dubai. A happy married couple, almost completely alone, basking in the warm sun, enjoying the last days of winter holidays. "Hello, Emanuel Gedionovich!" - I scream from the path, not daring to enter heels into the cool sand and practically mimicking the scene from my favorite performance "Election Day." The couple noticeably perked up: they heard us and, which is especially nice, they were waiting for us here.

You, Emanuel Gedionovich, greatly frightened me as a child with your character. Guess what? Of course, Nikitsky in "Dagger". Played such a villain! But with such a bright appearance of the heroes-lovers, God himself ordered to play!

Emanuel Vitorgan: The hero-lover is not my genre. Moreover, in Soviet cinema there couldn’t be any of these real ones - moral standards did not allow. Therefore, I have repeatedly refused such roles, choosing work in an ostentatious genre. Positive characters are more naive and negative characters are more fleshy, they have more freedom. But I chose them only for one purpose: for the audience to understand that being a scoundrel is not the best way to live life, that you can live normally, in peace and harmony, and not to forget that you are a man! I must say that in my life, on the contrary, I met a lot of positive characters, primarily my parents.

Was it easy to be such a bright actor? After all, the theater, as you know, is not teeming with good friends.

E.V .: I am very responsible for my profession, and if I give consent to participate in a play or a film, I must correspond to my role. Our profession is very dependent: on the director, operator, partner. This year I will celebrate the 55th anniversary of my creative activity, with over 150 film roles behind me. Over the years, I met different directors, and if I saw that they were "not pulling," I offered them complicity. At the same time, I always listen to the main characters on the site: if they can give me something new, it is always very interesting to me.

I must say that I do not evaluate my colleagues. Even if I don’t like the performance, I will never allow myself to slam my chair and leave, because I know what hellish work is behind this work. And no one wants a bad performance, everyone is working hard! The actor’s only desire is for people to understand what he wants to convey to them. I believe that the actor and the audience should be mutually responsive. That is why I never refuse an autograph. I'm not sorry to spend several hours of my life signing cards.

You probably will not deny that women have always played the main roles in your life?

E.V .: I will say, absolutely not flirting: I adore the female gender. Woman is the best work of nature, and men should always be there to help her. As the youngest son in the family, from childhood I was spoiled by female attention. And in my life I have met many women, different. I really hope that none of them offended. With my wife Allochka Balter, we lived for 30 years and never raised our voices at each other. Unless in theatrical rehearsals, if our characters demanded it. After her departure (Alla Balter died in 2000 after a long illness - ed.), It seemed to me that I could not breathe - just as I could not breathe when I first saw her ...

A woman can afford what a man should not allow. Their coquetry, desire to change or not is normal. The most important thing for a woman when parting with a man is to maintain the warmth of the moments spent together. By scandals or unwillingness to communicate, we punish ourselves.

This story was in your life ...

E.V .: My relationship with Ksenia, the daughter of my first marriage, was restored only after 30 years thanks to my wife Irisha. Today I already have two great-grandchildren. They live on Valaam, and we do not meet as often as we would like. But I believe that at any time - sooner or later - communication between relatives by blood is useful to both sides.

I feel good staying in this world

What can you say about modern theater and cinema?

E.V .: Theater is a place where you can cry and laugh, and understand how you can better live your life. I was very lucky with the teachers. I graduated from the Leningrad Theater Institute, my mentor was a wonderful master - Boris Vulfovich Zon, who trained many great artists. Among them are Pavel Kadochnikov, Seryozha Jurassic, Nikolai Cherkasov, Alisa Brunovna Freindlich.

I am grateful to those directors with whom I worked, starting with Georgy Alexandrovich Tovstonogov. From my youthful years, serious and interesting directors were attractive to me - Serezha Soloviev, Sasha Adabashyan. With the young, I rarely acquired something new for myself. Today, there is much less time for the director to work with the actor. If earlier it was primarily about creativity, today the attitude has become consumer. And in the theater there appeared what was previously unheard of - mat from the stage! And the reaction of the audience - applause or laughter - sincerely surprises me.

You are one of the few lucky ones who have their own theater ...

E.V .: For more than 50 years I have worked in state theaters: first in Leningrad, then in Moscow. He left the theater named after K. S. Stanislavsky when a new director came there. He behaved disgustingly both in relation to the theater, and in relation to the creative team. And then I began to study my own theater. Today it is the Cultural Center of Emanuel Vitorgan. I take the plays that I want, I invite those actors and directors that I like. Therefore, you see in front of you a person who is definitely good at being in this world.

In fact, the Vitorgan Club events, which are already 20 years old, have been taking place in the center on Ostozhenka for four years now! The meaning of our meetings is acquaintance and communication with people of absolutely different professions and different ages, business contacts, help and the ability to hear each other. This year we even created a branch of the Vitorgan Club in Jurmala (Latvia) - in the homeland of Irishka, she is also a Jurmala! Here I play several performances, including the one-man show "Exit", and every month I give a creative evening, meeting with the Spectator.

Do you want to bring up a new generation of stage masters?

E.V .: I have always had many suggestions regarding teaching. And once I agreed - I became the head of the course at VGIK. He released 24 people with whom he spent every day for several years, refused because of them from rehearsals. After graduation, he traveled with them to all theaters, and as a result, 13 I managed to get a job. It is curious that not one of them, even one who did not find himself in the profession, did not want to leave Moscow.

You say you don’t like to go shopping. Nevertheless, one of these days you could be seen in the shopping centers of Dubai.

E.V .: I do not attach much importance to material well-being. I never insisted on having an expensive suit or car that someone saw. I have no desires that could shock. I think that bringing a bouquet of flowers and a cup of coffee to bed on a holiday is a wonderful gift. Nevertheless, I think that what we have today is good. Lying in a beach in Dubai in January is a wonderful and wonderful experience.


Among the films most beloved by the audience with the participation of Emanuel Vitorgan are the musical comedy by Jan Fried "The Pious Martha", Konstantin Bromberg's New Year's comedy "The Wizards" based on the novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky "Monday starts on Saturday", the adventure film "Cortic", an eccentric comedy Leonid Gaidai "The weather is nice on Deribasovskaya or it’s raining again on Brighton Beach", detective based on the novel by Yeremey Parnov "Maria Medici's Casket", action movies "Alarm Sunday" and "Code of dishonor", the series "Poor Nastya" "Wolf".

In 1990, Emanuel Vitorgan was awarded the title of Honored, and in 1998 - People's Artist of Russia.

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