We fight wrinkles ... at the dentist!

Noticing the first wrinkles, we, as a rule, quickly run to the beautician. Someone even immediately to the surgeon, and at the same time to the psychologist. Meanwhile, none other than ... a dentist can significantly delay the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Doctor Irina Bratu, family dentist clinic Confient, talks about how our youth depends on the condition of the teeth.

The appearance of wrinkles and age asymmetry is associated primarily with muscle imbalance, which only intensifies over the years. Few people think, but it is the uneven distribution of the masticatory load due to various dental problems that causes, for example, the formation of nasolabial folds in very young people. In case of malocclusion, wrinkles around the mouth can really appear early - by the age of 25. Fortunately, modern dentistry allows you to correct the bite, restore chewing function and at the same time significantly improve the contour of the face at any age.

There can be several reasons for malocclusion:

- Violation of the growth process, development of the jaws

- Jaw displacement

- Anatomically incorrectly located (different in size, uneven) teeth

- The presence of gaps between the teeth

- Missing teeth

- Disproportionate dentures or worn teeth (including, as a result of bruxism - grinding of teeth, about which the doctor Irina Bratu told c)

These conditions not only do not allow you to properly chew food, but also noticeably worsen articulation, speech, facial expressions. Muscles adapt to such conditions over time, however, their load is uneven, unnatural and simultaneously causes overstrain of some muscles and sagging of others. Over time, gradually, the cheeks begin to sink, causing the appearance of the so-called “bulldog bryl”. The lower jaw drops and enhances the appearance of the second chin. The skin around the lips becomes more wrinkled. The upper lip, if it lies unevenly on the teeth, is also deformed, curving the line of the lips, pulling them into a “thread”.

Enhances the “harm” from uneven teeth and the fact that insufficiently chewed food is not digested properly and as a result causes disturbances in the functioning of the entire digestive tract, which, as you know, instantly affects the skin condition and appearance.

As a treatment and prevention dentists suggest the following solutions for premature wrinkles:

- Orthodontic treatment with braces or transparent caps Invisalign

- Diagnosis and prevention of bruxism (involuntary muscle contraction and grinding of teeth)

- Installation of implants and prosthesis correction

- Installation of veneers and crowns on erased teeth

- Correction of gaps between teeth and tooth size

Have a doctor examine and diagnose malocclusion. Irina Brother possible in the dental clinic Confient.

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The text was prepared by Alla Tverskova.

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