The iconic beach hotel prepares to open in Dubai after renovation

The Jumeirah Group has announced the restart of its iconic Dubai hotel this month.

The Jumeirah Group on Monday announced that its iconic Jumeirah Beach Hotel will reopen its doors on October 19 after a five-month renovation. The hotel is ready to receive guests in a “more modern atmosphere and with many new restaurants," the company said in an official statement.

Jose Silva, CEO of Jumeirah Group, said: "In 1997, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel became the first luxury beachfront hotel in Dubai, as well as a canvas that has been remembered for 20 years."

He said the hotel, which has since hosted over a million guests, "has retained an atmosphere of endless pleasure and now offers even more relaxation and luxury."

Todd Cilano, senior regional vice president and general manager of Jumeirah Beach Hotel, added: “It is impossible to describe in words how impressive the Jumeirah Beach hotel is. For our regular guests, this is still a familiar, beloved hotel, which became the second home, but now it was inhaled. second life. "

"We are very pleased to welcome our regular guests to see their reaction to the result of the hard work and investments that we made in the hotel during the summer, and also welcome new fans of Jumeirah Beach Hotel," he added.

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