In Dubai, revealed 25 thousand violators of the visa regime

Dubai's immigration services have identified more than 25 thousand visa violators.

Dubai, UAE. The Directorate General for Residency and International Affairs has identified in Dubai about 25 thousand people who have expired resident visas. This figure is twice as much as last year, when 12 thousand violations were identified.

Among the most common reasons for late visas are job loss and illness. The Department expressed sympathy to those who continue to remain in the country after the expiration of a visa not of their own free will. The fines for some of them are tens of thousands of dirhams.

According to officials, 11 thousand people turned to a committee specially created for the consideration of such cases, while in 9000 cases the fines were reduced or the fines were completely removed. In particular, the department considers cases of expats who cannot return to their country of residence due to financial problems or the military conflict that arose in their homeland.

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