Lalsat. New Horizons

After the cancellation of the centralized distribution of specialists in the CIS countries, a flexible system of employing graduates of universities and other educational institutions that was adequate to the requirements of a market economy was not created. Now young people have to rely only on themselves. Proposals in the post-Soviet labor market do not meet demand both quantitatively and qualitatively, which is why many young people become unemployed.

The most "punchy" manages to find himself abroad. They are driven not only by material interests or political preferences. Unlike the previous three, the fourth wave of emigration rushes "beyond the sea" primarily for life experience. Some go to visit relatives and friends, trying to find work on the spot. Others are looking for a good position in advance, but they are not immune to fraud on the part of the labor market.

But even if the employment agency fulfills its promises, then it turns out that his clients are sent to work in a foreign country, not knowing anything about local customs and the company where they have to work. As a result, a hasty departure under the motto “anywhere, if only abroad” ends with a loss of money, deceived expectations and difficult attempts to return home.

However, the risk of disappointment is not a reason to give up, especially since in many CIS republics there are international recruitment firms that you can safely trust. One of them is the Lalsat-Service company, which has been helping the energetic girls and boys for the seventh year to find a way out of the impasse.


Its leaders and founders - Sean Monahan and Larisa Lazareva - lived and worked in Dubai for a long time, which allowed them to understand and study all the subtleties of local business. For example, they realized that many companies are not satisfied with the available personnel from India, Pakistan and the Philippines and want to replace it with employees from Europe or the CIS countries. Employers need people who not only fulfill their task "from and to", but also strive for growth, learn and develop.

The Sean and Larisa Agency initially based its work on confidential conversations with those who wanted to leave and their parents. They were provided with complete information about the UAE and the place of future work, a legal contract, medical insurance, work visa and all other necessary documents were drawn up. Lalsat worked only with well-known large companies that take care of their employees and train them for further career growth.

Thanks to this approach, the agency gradually managed to overcome a wary attitude. From the stories of their peers who decided to leave for the Emirates, the friends who remained in Tashkent soon realized that Lalsat had nothing to do with one-day firms involved in the criminal export of Uzbek girls abroad.

Thinking not about immediate profit, but about future reputation, Larisa and Sean worked with the soul, professing an individual approach to each person. They did not try to quickly “flush” their client into the first company that turned up, but listened to all his wishes and advised them to wait, not to rush. And only after receiving offers with suitable vacancies for him personally, they called and invited for an interview. At the same time, they spoke without hiding about all the difficulties and pitfalls of future work, helping to choose the right line of behavior in relations with the employer.

The year 2005 brought to the company's activities many significant events and significant innovations. As the third terminal is being built at Dubai Airport, job opportunities for Dubai Duti Free are emerging.

Russian-speaking personnel are periodically recruited by personnel personnel at the Burj Al Arab hotel, Wild Wadi water park, Emirates Towers business center, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, WW Marriott Kuwait and Moscow Hotel. Representatives of Emirates Airways, Kempinski Dubai, MMI, Areej and Harvey Nichols, Burj Al Arab will visit the CIS countries more than once before the end of this year to select Russian-speaking employees in the regions.

Fruitful cooperation with the media allowed Lalsat to go beyond Uzbekistan. In addition to Tashkent, new interviews have been and will be held this year in Kaliningrad, Omsk and St. Petersburg. The agency’s immediate plans are to expand its operations in the old and new capitals of Kazakhstan, Bishkek and Moscow.

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