Illegal woman from Eastern Europe “stuck” in custody in Dubai without documents

Dubai police unsuccessfully try to return home a citizen of an Eastern European country without an identity card.

Dubai police have been trying to help a woman detained for three years because she was denied entry to her home country. The reason for this was the lack of documents proving her identity.

Muhammad Al Murr, head of the human rights department at the Dubai Police, said the woman was due to leave the country in 2014 when a court ordered her deportation.

“We do not yet know what her citizenship is. We just know that she is from an Eastern European country. She has been in Dubai for three years, but we are working to solve her problem, ”he said.

The 27-year-old woman came to Dubai in 2011 on a guest visa. Later she was arrested for illegal stay in the country and was deported to Kyrgyzstan, because she had a passport of that country with her.

In 2014, she again ended up in the UAE, this time illegally. The woman was again arrested by Dubai police for returning to the country after deportation.

“We again sent her to the country with a passport, but the authorities refused to accept her, saying that the passport was fake and she was not their citizen. She returned to Dubai and is still in prison, awaiting a solution to the problem, ”Al Murr said.

The woman told Dubai police that she was originally from Eastern Europe, but she did not have an identity card or birth certificate, since her parents moved to Kyrgyzstan in the nineties.

Dubai police contacted representatives of the country in which, according to her, a woman was born, but no information was found about her.

“They asked us to leave her in Dubai while they search, because there are many small villages in the country, and they need time for this. They asked us not to deport her to any country until they finish their searches, ”the police representative added, also saying that Dubai had already contacted an international organization in order for the woman to be recognized as a migrant, and for her a country was found if the search came to a standstill.

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