Sunny makeup - for a sunny mood

1. 1001 Lashes Black Quartz

Bourjois makes your eyelashes even more black, shiny and long!

The popular 1001 Lashes Black mascara has returned with a new formula enriched with ultra-black pigment for color saturation and shimmering quartz for shine and a visual increase in eyelash volume. Eye Transformation - in an instant!

2. Pretty Paris

Parisian charm of Bourjois.

The cosmetic collection for spring-summer makeup with the freshness of its shades reminds us of the arrival of spring, birdsong and the aroma of flowering trees on the romantic streets of French cities. The basis of the collection is pink and coral, the color of which adds olive eyeliner and eye shadow the color of golden tobacco. The perfect balance of tenderness and saturation.

3. Sweet Kiss les Rouges

Bourjois kisses sweetly ...

Every Parisian knows that bright, juicy, flaming red lips are the most powerful weapon of seduction. Nourishing oils and wax soften and maintain hydration throughout the day. Lipstick in six intense shades with a light weightless texture will make your lips divine. Red comes back and wins!

4. Peony

Blooming garden L'OCCITANE.

The extraordinary and first collection of makeup products L'Occitane has an original design with the idea of ​​gardening based on it - each product is presented in a “seed” packaging with an image of a particular peony variety. All cosmetics contain a natural peony extract, which has a softening effect, and thin particles of weightless powder are endowed with a mimosa extract from Provence. Delicate aromas of peonies and comfort for your skin!

5. Royal Gloss

VelikoleThe full gloss of your lips from Rimmel.

Saturated with vitamins A, C and E, this royal luxurious gel cares for the skin of the lips, nourishing and moisturizing them. Fruit and berry shades and aromas - it is impossible not to eat!


PolygraphAnality of Chanel.

Elegant classic style. A velvet look, a mysterious brilliance, a slight irony - only eyes can express emotions in full. The combination of Ombres Contraste Duo eye shadow will give depth to your look - two contrasting colors in a thousand variations. All trend colors: from silver graphite to olive and beige. The mascara Inimitable Intense of four intense shades underlines the charisma and expressiveness of your eyes. Puppet-romantic style. The unnaturally bright nail polishes, glitters and lipsticks in the Les Pop Up de Chanel summer cosmetic collection will create a sunny mood. Cold silver shades on the eyelids and nails will give freshness, and bronze, coral, peach and fuchsia perfectly accentuate the tan. Chanel Pattern Kaleidoscope - Be Inimitable!

7. Very Hollywood Color Collection

Estee Lauder's philosophy of timeless beauty and Michael Kors' contemporary luxury fashion style.

The Estee Lauder makeup collection embodies the fantasies and hopes of the ever-glamorous Hollywood in our daily lives. Flickering friable powder, pink lip gloss with gold particles, coral colors and a lot of mother of pearl in a cosmetic set - all this is very Hollywood.

8. Sephora Rouge

A dazzling smile from Sephora.

Twenty-four colors have many names in the palette of stylish lipstick rich in nourishing oils. Try the shades of Rendezvous No. 16 or Seductress No. 19 - and feel the power of provocation on your lips!

9. Dior Addict New Look

A new wave of Dior-addicted.

The "star" of the Dior makeup collection of the summer 2010 season - the Addiction to Dior series for lips and eyes - an exquisite palette that comes out in a limited edition in two versions of Addicted to Coral 001 and Addicted to Pink 002. Eye radiance, skin glow and rich lip gloss - impossible resist the luxury of Dior.

10. Betty Boop

Cosmetics for all occasions in Beautybay stores.

From pastel and natural shades of lipstick, eye shadow or blush for daily use, to the rich colors of the cosmetic range - to shine in the light of evening spotlights. Draw yourself today!

11. Blue Lagoon

Sea, sun, beach with Sephora.

Feel like a real mermaid with new shades of eyeshadow, lipsticks and lip glosses, nail polishes from the new collection of the summer 2010 Blue Lagoon season. All shades of juicy summer greens and sea water - for you! The most daring are offered bright yellow, dazzling pink or denim tones of nail polishes and bright turquoise shades from the Colorful Duo line! The beaches are calling!

12. BareMinerals

Cosmetic set BareMinerals.

The composition includes two types of foundation BareMinerals with protection against ultraviolet rays, Mineral Veil clear powder, Effet Bonne Mine Warmth (an analogue of tanning), one correction pencil, foundation for makeup resistance, three makeup brushes and a DVD disc explaining how to use everything , It is included in the kit. Four options for different skin tones.

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