Umm Al Quwain

This rural serene emirate with mangroves and sandbanks is the capital of extreme sports. If you like to drive a car, shoot or parachute, then here you will find a complete set of extreme sensations. (For more information, look a bit further, in the section "Entertaining excursions").

Fans of a more relaxing holiday can be advised to visit the Dreamland water park. In the old fort you will find a rich selection of jewelry and a collection of ancient weapons, as well as an exhibition of finds by archaeologists.

The fort is located in the old part of the city on Al Lubna Street. Open from 8 to 13 and from 17 to 20 hours (on Mondays only before lunch).

Tel for inquiries (06) 765 0888.

You can stay at the Flamingo Beach Resort, located on the shores of the bay near the old souk Old Souq, the post office and Kuwait Hospital. Other attractions include night crab hunting off the nearby Al Siniya Island.

Tel for inquiries (06) 765 0000.

Watch the video: UMM AL QUWAIN CITY NIGHT VIEW UAEJUNE 2019 (April 2020).