“TAPEO”: hot Spain in the center of Dubai

The new Spanish restaurant “TAPEO” opened in the culinary section of Lafayette Gourmet at The Dubai Mall. On the day of its presentation, guests were treated to the famous "sangria" and entertained with bright and passionate flamenco dances.

Restaurant “TAPEO” offers a wide selection of real Spanish tapas and the famous paella from the province of Alicante, as well as dishes from all over this Mediterranean country, including the famous Andalusia, so loved by tourists. The institution invites guests from all over the world to share their culinary preferences and enjoy the whole variety of meat products, pastries and delicious desserts born in Spain.

The restaurant also provides the opportunity to purchase products from which you can prepare the very snacks that you had to taste in the Lafayette Gourmet section itself. There is a system of home orders, and in the institution you can hold a party or a corporate dinner.

Menu on the go!

Gourmet's paradise - in the "corner" of Lafayette Gourmet of the French multi-brand gallery Galleries Lafayette. You can choose from a wide selection of dishes for a family dinner, corporate dinner or a friendly party. Here you can order food at home or invite specialists in catering. A lot of salads, snacks and desserts of local and European cuisine are presented to the attention of buyers.

Additional information by phone: 04 3399933

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