UAE Historical Heritage Law to be adopted in 2013

The Federal Law on the Protection of Historic and Cultural Heritage Sites is expected to enter into force in the United Arab Emirates in early 2013.

"There is currently no federal legislation in this area, we expect the law to be adopted within three months," said Rashad Bukhash, director of the Department of Architectural Heritage of the Dubai Municipality. According to him, the law is currently awaiting approval by the Ministry of Justice. As soon as it takes effect, the UAE will have the opportunity to include its architectural monuments in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"The new law prohibits people from selling and destroying historical buildings and historical documents, since they partially belong to the history and culture of the country," said Bukhash.

Currently, there are 3200 architectural objects related to the historical heritage in the UAE. "Before demolishing an old building, we check its history, age and whether it is important for the country's culture. Destroying old buildings of value is a crime. The introduction of new rules will preserve our architectural history," Bukhash said.

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