Infiniti QX56 - comfort and power

The Infiniti QX56 really competes with trucks. Length - almost 5.7 m. Curb weight - over 2.5 tons. The weight of the towed trailer is over four tons. Therefore, it will not be difficult for a jeep to pull a small yacht onto the land on a ramp that goes under water. Fortunately, the automatic transmission has a towing mode with a special gear shift algorithm. The advanced chassis is designed to provide, first of all, high comfort. The pneumatic elements installed at the rear not only soften the course, but also automatically maintain the position of the body above the road, regardless of the load. Under the hood is a V8 of 5.6 liters. Power - 315 horsepower.

Most of the time, the Infiniti QX56 drives a rear-wheel drive - this transmission mode is designed for clean asphalt. If the track is slippery, you can use "4x4 for public roads" (the front wheels automatically connect when the rear wheels slip, and immediately turn off as soon as the slip stops). Two more modes are provided for driving the Infiniti QX56 outside the asphalt: permanent all-wheel drive ( the front axle is connected rigidly, since there is no center differential) and the "4x4" mode using downshift.

In short, the Infiniti QX56 is a fairly serious jeep capable of overcoming medium difficulty off-road. At the same time, it is a luxurious luxury car that competes in price with the Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz G500. Despite the American spirit and even the American assembly, the new Infiniti QX56 is a high-tech Japanese product

Watch the video: 2010 INFINITI QX56 Bourbonnais, Frankfort, Matteson, Manteno, Manhattan, IL 30350 (April 2020).