The widest selection of goods and affordable prices, free trade zones and low duties are the reasons why the Emirates are often called the "paradise for customers."

Numerous shopping centers and markets (Souk), supermarkets and individual stores offer a huge assortment of goods at relatively low prices. Here, among other things, you will find a grandiose selection of gold jewelry, precious and semiprecious stones, Bedouin handicrafts. We advise you to bargain in small shops and markets when making a purchase - the initial price can significantly decrease.

UAE - haute couture haute couture country, many world famous brands are represented here. It is a real pleasure to make purchases at low prices, both in expensive stores and in general stores.

Where can I get alcoholic drinks?

Alcohol is available in restaurants and hotel bars; its prices are comparable to Moscow. Takeaway is not permitted. In restaurants, fast foods and eateries located in the city (not at the hotel), alcohol is not served.

In specialized stores, alcoholic beverages can only be purchased by foreigners living in the UAE who have received permission from the local authorities and only within the framework of the quota established for them. In this regard, we can assume that the alcohol that was brought with you or purchased in Duty Free upon arrival in the UAE is all that a tourist can count on.

Are condoms sold everywhere in the Emirates?

Condoms in the UAE are freely sold in all supermarkets and pharmacies, as well as at gas stations.

Does the UAE have Russian literature?

In many hotels and bookstores of large stores in Dubai, you can buy a variety of books in Russian, glossy magazines, newspapers.

Require copies of the Russian Emirates magazine, which is published in the UAE in Russian, in all stores. For advanced Internet users, the site www.RuPublish.ru presents flash-versions of the publication. Remember also that the hut-reading room and the book department in the supermarket are not exactly the same thing.

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