Legolas - my ticket to life

LEGOLAS - SON OF THE KING OF THE ELF OF THE NORTH DARKLY TRANDUIL. HE ARRIVED IN RIVENDELL FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE WISE COUNCIL. AND LATER, THE ONLY ELF, JOINED THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. DURING A LONG TRAVEL, LEGOLAS became friends with GIMLI GNOM. In the story, his sharp eye and workshop handling of a bow and arrow provided invaluable assistance to the brotherhood

How did you know that Legolas will return to films about the hobbits? And what do you think of this return?

Orlando Bloom: I was in touch with (director) Peter Jackson all the time. We met in London at a time when he was there on a business trip. He said: “Listen, we have an idea for Leggie (Legolas) to come back. What do you think? And I said:“ Of course! ”I really love this character, I love Peter Jackson and I love New Zealand So I said: "Yes it's good!".

I think that they (Jackson and co-screenwriters Fran Walsh and Philippe Boyens - ed.) Like to leave the opportunity to develop and change storylines. I connected to work. It was like a jump into the unknown, what form everything would take was incomprehensible. After working with Pete, Fran and Philippa, and starring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I had an idea of ​​how all this should happen. I was thrilled, very happy and grateful for this opportunity. Pete gave me a ticket to life, contributed to my career, choosing me for the role of Legolas. I love this character, I love the world in which he lives.

My only doubt was, and I was discussing this with Pete, how fans would react to Legolas appearing in a world that wasn’t in the book.

However, Pete was reassuring and reassuring me with his answer. Thranduil is, after all, a part of this world, and Legolas is his son. Accordingly, his story will be quite appropriate! Pete always adheres to the book, preserving the integrity of the Tolkien world and history. On the other hand, it always leaves room for creativity. And this allows you to develop characters and entertain fans and spectators. For me it is a very good balance.

What was it like to go back to New Zealand and make up for Legolas? Did you feel the character is back?

Orlando Bloom: Of course, it was great to be back in New Zealand. It is like a return to the family in many ways. I lived on the same street when I first came there to shoot. It was amazing ... Like putting on the elven ears, wig, costume, and everything else that was considered part of my character. I had time before shooting to learn sword fighting, horse riding, a special manner of moving and other elven things. All this reminded me of Legolas. Refreshed my memory about the character and how it was years ago. It was a wonderful experience.

Will Legolas perform stunts in the new film, as he did in the first trilogy?

Orlando Bloom: Yes, there are some very cool things. Pete generally does well with tricks! He knows what it takes for each character to look spectacular. This also applies to Leggie. He is a great character. He appears on the screen, does not say much, does something very cool and solves problems. A simple but effective plan.

What does Legolas think of Thorin and the company of the Dwarves when he first encounters them? Does he have the same antipathy to the gnomes as in The Lord of the Rings?

Orlando Bloom: Since this is a prequel, it very clearly presents the beginning of an interracial conflict between gnomes and elves. And this is understandable! And I would say that, yes, absolutely! Elves of the Kingdom of Mirkwood - and one of these I have always seen Legolas - a little militant. Tolkien described them as “less wise and more dangerous”, from which it becomes clear who they really were. It’s great that my character’s storyline has a clear understanding of why he left.

And why he decided to join the Brotherhood of the Ring. It is very well thought out and thought out. At least I think so. I am sure that fans will enjoy it a lot. I am not a writer, but, in my opinion, the film explains everything very well.

Tell us about Legolas’s relationship with the elf and warrior Tauriel, played by Evangeline Lilly? What was it like working with Evangeline?

Orlando Bloom: Tauriel is a beginner and daredevil elf. She is not too wise and very dangerous! Moreover, she is also very masterful. In the history of my character, the dynamics of the relations of fathers and children are clearly traced. And when Tauriel intervenes in all this, the storyline gets a new development ...

So, despite all the disadvantages, it became a good and very interesting addition to the plot. I really enjoyed working with Evangeline. I think she looks great in the role of Tauriel. And she brought her own vision of the character and a lot of ideas, which in the end worked very well.

How would you describe Legolas’s relationship with his father?

Orlando Bloom: Legolas' father is a very complex character. He is powerful, but at the same time vulnerable. He is trying to control, maintain and develop the power of the elves in Mirkwood. And also influence how elves should interact with gnomes. Throughout the film, one can see how the relationship between father and son develops and becomes more complex. Legolas has a character and understanding of what is happening around. This is what helps him leave and become part of the Brotherhood of the Ring. He learns to understand his father ... But he sees that there are things that he would very much like to do outside the family.

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