Tourists in the UAE are presented with a wide selection of beach resorts and hotels of any category, including the world-famous for their luxury Emirates Palace hotels in Abu Dhabi and Burj Al Arab and Atlantis in Dubai, the class of "5 star deluxe". For a longer stay in the United Arab Emirates, it is better to rent a hotel type apartment. It is also possible to rent or buy an apartment in a skyscraper, a villa by the sea or even a cozy summer cottage on any of the artificial islands. In the UAE, as in any other country, modesty and restraint are the norm for both local residents and guests from abroad who must respect the laws, rules and customs of the country in which they are located.

Do hotels have Russian television channels?

In most hotels working with Russian-speaking tourists (and there are more than 462 in the UAE), TVs receive programs in Russian.

If a person goes to Dubai to work under a contract and the company provides him with housing, then which areas should not be settled?

We cannot give general recommendations: each district has its own pros and cons. Ask your Dubai friends to see not only the area, but also the house itself: find out when it is built, whether it has a sauna, pool and gym, if you have your own toilet with a bath in the room. All this here is considered not "bells and whistles", but a standard sign of normal housing. Avoid houses with window air conditioners (window A / C), and in houses with a central cooling system (central A / C) - the last floors where you can hear the noise of a working cooler. If you do not like the rumble of take-off planes, try not to settle north of the airport.

Evaluate soberly your financial opportunities and think about who you would like to see as your neighbors: immigrants from India, Russians or, say, Arabs. Please note that if your work and home are shared by Dubai Creek, every day you will lose not only money on taxis and Salik frames (toll fare on Sheikh Zayed Highway and the two main bridges Al Maktoum and Al Garhud in total 4 drh - US $ 1.1 per frame), but also the time for standing in traffic jams. On the other hand, do not flatter yourself with the pedestrian accessibility of work: even one kilometer will appear in the heat by way to Calvary. Demand that you include the item "transportation costs" in the contract.

Why do you need to leave a deposit (cash deposit) when checking into a hotel?

In most coastal hotels in Dubai, as well as in some city hotels, tourists are asked for a deposit of $ 200-1000 per room (payable in cash or by credit card) in case of additional costs that are not included in the room price - use of a minibar, long-distance calls and etc. The deposit is refunded on the day of departure (in dirhams, at the hotel rate) minus the amount you spent, as well as the cost of damaged or broken furniture.

How can a tourist from a hotel get to the beach without spending a taxi?

As a rule, all city hotels, regardless of level, offer guests a free daily shuttle service. Buses provided by the hotel take tourists to the beach in the morning, and bring them back for lunch. The timetables for these buses can be found at the hotel reception. You can also use the services of regular buses.

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