Abu Dhabi

Chinese art gallery

The gallery presents the best works of famous contemporary artists and works of ancient Chinese art.

Tel: 02-676 6028

Hemisphere Design Studio and Gallery

This gallery displays paintings by Abu Dhabi artists. In addition to painting, art lovers are presented with pottery and jewelry.

Tel: 02-676 8614

Ghaf art gallery

The gallery was created in 2006 with the aim of revealing talents among the local population. Today, the works of contemporary artists of the UAE are exhibited here.

Tel: 02-665 5332


Al Qibab Art Gallery

Learn more about the visual arts of Iraq, appreciate the national color and style of painting by oriental artists.

Tel: 02-816 3695


Emirates Cultural Foundation

In this collection of masterpieces, you can enjoy paintings by masters displaying Arab heritage and culture. It often hosts various concerts and trade fairs.

Tel: 02-6195357


Folklore Gallery

The gallery displays paintings by masters from all over the Middle East, including samples of Arabic calligraphy. Gallery owner Julia Khrais travels the region looking for artwork and propaganda for her collection.

Tel: 02-666 0361

Abu dhabi pottery

You can admire pottery from around the globe, as well as learn pottery lessons at Abu Dhabi Pottery.

Tel: 02-666 7079


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