1x1 Art Space
The paintings, drawings and sculptures of masters from mysterious India represent a wide variety of styles and genres.

Tel: 04-348 3873

Art space

Hotel Fairmont Dubai. The gallery is located on the ninth floor of the Fairmont Dubai. Information about the paintings you are interested in can be obtained from consultants who will talk about the styles and about the authors whose works are presented in the gallery.

Opening hours: daily - 10.00-20.30

Tel: 04-332 5523

Art Attack Gallery

Jumeirah. An amazing gallery offers works of art painting and sculpture by masters from the Persian Gulf, Europe, Africa, India, America and Canada.

Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday - 10.00-19.00

Tel: 04-344 9008
Shopping center
Jumeirah Plaza, Jumeirah. Ceramic figures, antique furniture, souvenirs and unique silk fabrics with artistic paintings, which can be used for both decorative and functional purposes, are presented by the gallery owner Garriet Backston.

Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday - 10.00-22.00, Friday - 16.00-22.00

Tel: (04) 349 7251

Alif art gallery
The first Central Asian contemporary art gallery in Dubai. It aims to present to the general public the artistic heritage of Uzbekistan and neighboring republics. On the basis of the gallery, exhibitions, workshops, round tables are held.

Art Couture Gallery

Jumeirah Beach Road. The modernized art gallery, which often hosts exhibitions, invites visitors to appreciate the original work of local and international painters.

Opening hours: Sat - Thu - 10.00-21.00, Friday - 14.00-21.00

Tel: 04-399 4331

B21 Art Gallery

Industrial Zone Al Quoz. Bold and innovative works of young artists from all over the Middle East are exhibited here, conveying the bright emotional state of the authors.

Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday - 11.00-19.00, Friday - day off

Tel: 04-340 3965


Mall of the Emirates, third floor. The Dubai Theater and Art Center DUCTAC is aimed at the creative and cultural development of the inhabitants of the UAE. Numerous events are constantly held on its territory, including exhibitions and theatrical productions, gathering an international audience.

The main goal of the Gallery of Light gallery, which is part of the center, is to provide a platform for dialogue between local and international artists. It operates on the principles of a non-profit organization.

Tel: 04 341 4777


DIFC Gate Village. One of the most popular urban art venues; exhibitions, educational seminars are held at its base.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu - 10.00-20.00, Sat - 12.00-18.00, Fri - day off.
Tel: (04) 425 0400,

Courtyard gallery & cafe

Highway Sheikh Zayed. The gallery presents works of modern art, interwoven with the traditional flavor of oriental culture. There is also a cafe where gallery guests can relax in a pleasant atmosphere with a cup of coffee.

Opening hours: Sat - Thu - 10.00-18.00

Tel: 04-347 9090,

Design people

Highway Sheikh Zayed. Modern painting, antique furniture, sculptures of European and Far Eastern masters. Qualified specialists will help you develop an individual interior design.

Opening hours: Sat - Thu - 8.00-19.00

Tel: 04-347 7731

Etemad gallery

Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1. Since its foundation in 2002 in Tehran and in 2011 in Dubai, the gallery has become a real haven for young and famous Iranian artists working in different techniques and styles.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu - 10.00 to 18.00, Sat - 12.00-17.00, Friday - day off.
Tel: (04) 346 8649

Five green

Garden Home Center, Ud Medha. Avant-garde painting, stylish clothes, accessories. This place will definitely delight and inspire.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 10.00-22.00, Friday - 16.00-22.00
Tel: (04) 336 4100

Four walls

Industrial Zone Al Quoz. The gallery displays contemporary paintings by artists from the Middle East and from around the world. Those wishing to approach the beautiful can receive drawing and sculpture lessons.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 10.00-13.00, Friday - 16.00-19.00
Tel: (04) 338 8892

Green art gallery

Jumeirah. Contemporary paintings by international artists, limited editions of prints and souvenirs, made by artists of the Middle East.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 9.30-13.30, Friday - 16.30-20.30
Tel: (04) 344 9888

Tel: 04-344 9888

Gray noise

Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1. The Gallery of Modern Art presents works by artists from South Asia and Europe. It provides the masters with a platform for implementing ambitious projects and building a cultural dialogue, supporting new trends in art.

Opening hours: 11.00 - 19.00, Fri, Sun - weekends.
Tel: (04) 379 0764

Hunar gallery

District of Rashidia. This gallery presents paintings by contemporary artists.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu - 10.00-13.00 and 18.00-22.00
Tel: (04) 286 2224


Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1. The Isabel van den Indus Gallery presents an innovative exhibition program that breaks the usual notions of Middle East art.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu 10.00-19.00 Fri - Closed
Tel: (04) 323 5052,

J + A Gallery

Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1. The first gallery of German industrial art and design. It also presents a number of unique antiques dating back to the early 20th century.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 10.00-19.00, Fri - day off
Tel: 055 3950495,

La galerie nationale

Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1. The gallery specializes in architecture and art of the early 20th century, presenting the creations of outstanding designers to contemporary collectors.

Opening hours: b-thu - 10.00-19.00, Fri - day off
Tel: (04) 380 46 52

Lawrie shabibi

Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1. Founded in 2010 by William Lauri and Asma Al Shabibi, the gallery features contemporary art from the Arab world, Iran, North Africa, South Asia and Turkey.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 10.00-18.00, Friday - day off

Tel: 04 346 9906,

Majlis gallery

Dubai Bar. The gallery has a patio and exhibition halls, which feature works of art by local and foreign authors. This is a charming place where you will be greeted by the warm welcome of the staff and excellent service.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 9.30-20.00

Tel: 04-353 6233

Meem gallery


Authors' works of local and regional artists are presented here.

Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday - 11.00-19.00

Tel: 04-347 7883

Mondo arte

Mall of the Emirates. Minimalist artists of modern painting prefer to exhibit their interesting works in this large shopping center in Dubai.

Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 22.00

Tel: 04-341 3001

Profile gallery

Jumeirah Center Shopping Center. The paintings presented in this gallery are made by young artists and mainly watercolors.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 9.00-21.00, Friday - 17.00-21.00

Tel: 04-349 1147

RIRA Gallery

DIFC Gate Village. The art space represents the work of contemporary artists of the Middle East, presenting a platform for developing their talent and demonstrating achievements at home and abroad.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu - 10.00-20.00, Sat - 12.00-18.00, Friday - day off

Tel: 04 369 9339,

Salsali private museum

Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1. Created in 2011, the museum has strengthened its position as a platform for contemporary art lovers. It is the first private museum of modern art in the region.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu - 11.00-18.00, Sat - 13.00-17.00, Friday - day off

Tel: 04 380 9600


Industrial Zone Al Quoz 1

The open art space in the Al Serkal Avenue quarter allows all visitors to see both finished work and watch the creative process.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 11.00-19.00


Highway Al Khalil Road. Since its opening in 2008, the art space has become an independent resource for designers and artists. It provides authors with opportunities for creativity and organization of exhibitions in the field of visual art.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 08.00-22.00, Friday - day off

Tel: 04 336 3313

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. The non-profit exhibition pavilion in the audience and cafe is located in the very center of Dubai. It is a center of unique events in the field of art.

Opening hours: around the clock

Tel: 04 447 7025,

The red gallery

Al Wasl Road. A fascinating gallery whose main goal is to present paintings by Vietnamese and Asian artists.

Tel: 04-395 5811

The third line

Industrial Zone Al Quoz. Today it is one of the best galleries in the region, where works of contemporary art are exhibited by famous artists from all over the Middle East.

Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday - 11.00-20.00

Tel: 04-341 1367

Total arts in the courtyard

Highway Sheikh Zayed. Art painting and interior design.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 10.00-13.00, 16.00-20.00

Tel: 04-347 5050


Umm Sukheim Road. Socio-cultural space that hosts exhibitions, studios and a library on its territory. An ideal place to build a creative dialogue and exchange of views.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu - 10.00 - 19.00, Sat - 12.00-18.00, Friday - day off

Tel: 04 347 0209,

XVA Gallery

Dubai Bar. A charming art space located in the heart of old Dubai, which combines traditional Arabic architecture and the versatile modern style.

Opening hours: Sat-Thu - 9.00-21.00, Fri - day off
Tel: (04) 353 5383,

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