Field for experiments

Black and white

Cell, stripes, rhombuses, zebra - graphic elements do not go out of fashion. Designers create optical illusion effects in black and white, which will help emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Arctic fur

The folk theme, expressed in contrasting prints and embroidery, has been going on since the beginning of summer, but in the new season on a more grandiose scale. National costumes of the peoples of the world inspired designers to long parks, like the Eskimos of Alaska, or long, floor-length robes of Morocco Berbers.

Velvet nights

Velvet will become one of the most relevant autumn textures. And you can dress in it from head to toe. Dark velvet maxi dresses are perfect for glamorous evenings and create a truly “expensive" look. By the way, a texture such as velvet may be mistakenly perceived as "aging." Nothing like this! Geometric shapes and tassels will help complete the look.

Pea jacket

Military attributes are traditionally returned in the fall. Inspired by the uniform of the American Navy, a strict, slightly rough pea jacket will become mandatory in cool weather. In the UAE, it is only to throw it in Italian on the shoulders.


The hippies style of the 70s is still in fashion, this time in the form of a patchwork technique of silk and velvet combined with stunning bohemian prints.


Designers decided to recreate the punk rock scene on world catwalks and presented collections of narrow leather trousers, mini-skirts over torn tights, chains and staves. More than one rebellious spirit will rise this fall!


Bright shine in combination with “wet” makeup and hair, as well as decor in the form of a silver coating on the skin and metal threads made a strong impression at Fashion Weeks. Buyers are likely already purchasing shiny dresses and miniskirts for the stores. You can combine all this with a white shirt or a black rough woolen cardigan.

Tender lamb. Soft forms, pleasant fabrics, warm shades of brown and beige are reflected in coats and sheepskin coats from sheared lamb fur. Perhaps the most comfortable trend of the fall - of course, not for Dubai, but for trips to Europe - is perfect!

Sweet marshmallows

The pale blue, pink, pale yellow and green colors unexpectedly and very opportunely refreshed autumn fashion shows. Pantsuits and pastel-colored dresses look especially good on tanned skin.


The fashionable front again meets autumn in a military style. This time fewer shades of khaki, the season is captured by the deeper dark blue tones of the navy. Details such as pompons, tassels, epaulettes, leather buttons are included.

Quilted jackets

Voluminous quilted outerwear was the news at Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris. The perfect complement to the wardrobe in sub-zero temperatures!

Crazy leopard

Acid shades of the 80s, coupled with a leopard print, gave unusual combinations. The animalistic texture beloved by many is presented against the background of fluorescent colors, as well as yellow, red, turquoise and green.

Breton Strip

Stripes - a legacy of the classic Parisian style - are especially relevant this fall. Look for a similar print in large knit sweaters, as well as translucent lurex turtlenecks.

Polished leather

This is a risk zone bordering on trash. However, for fashionista, patent leather items will seem an interesting and self-sufficient trend. It is not easy to combine with something, although coupled with a plain black or white ensemble, you can get a hit.

Jersey Dresses

Instead of coarse knitting, like last year, designers offer more streamlined shapes that emphasize the figure. Knitted midi length dresses for fall are perfect.

Back to the 80s

Whether you want it or not, the turbulent 80s are back in trend. The return was a success with acid colors, lurex, velvet, artificial and patent leather. Of the accessories, the image will be complemented by large earrings of geometric shapes, half-face glasses and neon hats.


Rivets loved by many designers became the main decor in the autumn collections. Large metal parts even adorned feminine cocktail dresses.

Snow-white fur

Soft, warm white fur has become a real fabulous decoration of the Fashion Week in Paris and London. Not quite practical, but certainly a stylish attribute of the autumn-winter wardrobe.


Yes, many will not quite like the slightly flashy trend, but nevertheless, sequins of fashion shows are strewn from head to toe like disco balls. It is on the dance floor of popular night clubs that such outfits and place.

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