Behavior rules

Question. Is it true that you can’t kiss in public?

Answer. To show more than friendly feelings in public places is prohibited under the threat of a major fine, and even deportation from the country.

Question. What clothes to choose for traveling around the country and visiting public places?

Answer. Nobody forces you to wear a burqa, but still the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country. When choosing clothes, you should avoid miniskirts, deep necklines and translucent dresses on a naked body. Particular attention should be given to clothing for tourists living in the emirate of Sharjah, the most conservative in this regard.

Too frank outfit can create problems for you not only with the police, but also with local womanizer, who will immediately begin to make you "romantic" offers.

Question. Is cohabitation allowed for unmarried persons?

Answer. Although five-star hotels are loyal to couples, it is best not to abuse their tolerance. Before flirting with anyone, think carefully: both of you are seriously at risk.

If he turns out to be a secret agent of the "morale police", then you will find a prison and expulsion from the country. The deportation stamp in your passport can complicate subsequent travel abroad.

Question. Can I drink alcohol in the Emirates?

Answer. Alcohol is prohibited for Muslims. This prohibition does not apply to visitors unless they profess Islam.

It is strongly not recommended to offer or give alcohol to Muslims, as well as to drive while intoxicated. If you are "taken to the chest" in a restaurant, bar or disco, try to silently walk to the exit, catch a taxi and return to the hotel. Drinking alcohol, including beer, in public places (on a street bench, in a park, on the beach) is fraught with a fine and imprisonment.

Question. Do I need to have a passport when traveling around the country?

Answer. No no need. It is enough to have photocopies of passports and visas. The originals are best left in the safe - in the hotel room or at the reception. The loss of a passport threatens a very big trouble until the arrest for the period necessary to obtain a new passport or certificate from the consulate. In any case, in case of conflicts with the police, do not try to offer money. Giving a bribe is likely to be a much more serious crime than what you tried to pay off.

Question. Do Arabs have hostility towards Russians or people of any other nationality?

Answer. All local residents, including customs officers and border guards, are traditionally welcoming and hospitable. And this is not a game - because the Emirates, unlike Egypt and Turkey, do not live at the expense of tourists.

Most jobs in the service sector are occupied by Arabs from neighboring countries, as well as immigrants from the CIS and Southeast Asia. So it is unlikely that you will be able to communicate with local Arabs in everyday life (unless you yourself are curious about them).

Try to keep your interest from looking like an invasion of privacy. Do not photograph the inside of the house in the absence of the owner, the interiors of mosques, praying people and especially Muslim women - the latter is prohibited by law.

Avoid all that can be perceived as disrespect for shrines. A case is known, for example, when a guest from Britain parked near a mosque and was fined $ 1,100 for refusing to turn off loud music in the car during a call to prayer.

Question. Are condoms sold everywhere in the Emirates?

Answer. Condoms in the UAE are freely sold in all supermarkets and pharmacies, as well as at gas stations.

Question. Does the UAE have Russian literature?

Answer. In many hotels and bookstores of large stores in Dubai, you can buy a variety of books in Russian, glossy magazines, newspapers. Require copies of the Russian Emirates and Business Emirates magazines, which are published in the UAE in Russian, in all stores. For advanced Internet users, the site presents flash-versions of these publications. Remember also that the hut-reading room and the book department in the supermarket are not exactly the same thing.


Alcohol is available in restaurants and hotel bars; its prices are comparable to Moscow. Takeaway is not permitted. In restaurants, fast foods and snack bars located in the city (not at the hotel), alcohol is not served. In specialized stores, alcoholic drinks can only be purchased by foreigners living in the UAE, who have received permission from local authorities and only within the framework of the quota established for them . In this regard, we can assume that the alcohol that was brought with you or purchased in Duty Free upon arrival in the UAE is all that a tourist can count on.

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