Beach clubs

Where to go in the summer heat ?! Of course, closer to the sea, on the sandy beach. It remains only to choose. We present to your attention the best beach clubs in the Emirates.


This beach club has long been a cult. It offers an outdoor pool (with water temperature control), a kids club and a pool, a separate spa complex with a sauna, a jacuzzi, a steam room and an indoor pool. Several restaurants are located on site, including Mediterranean Safina. There is also a gym and three private beach bungalows with flat-screen TVs. In the evening, the beach club turns into a fashionable place where you can listen to live music right on the beach or stay overnight in a night club.

The cost of a one-day visit: 220 drh - on weekdays, 420 drh - on weekends

Tel .: 02 656 3500


If you come to rest with children, then you can not find the best beach club. Here the music pours from the speakers and the laughter of the kids does not cease. In addition to the standard 90 sun loungers, you can get on the family "king" beds. Cold towels, ice cream and refreshments are served. The total length of the beach is 30 meters, water sports will appear here after Ramadan.

The cost of a one-day visit: from 150 drx

Tel .: 04 426 2626


This private indoor club is located in the shadow of the iconic sights of Dubai - the world's most luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel. On its territory there are five pools with water temperature control, 7 tennis courts, two squash courts, a basketball, volleyball and football court, a climbing wall, treadmills, a diving center, a spa and a yacht club. For children, the Sinbad Club operates. Two snow-white beaches with 1,800 sun loungers stretch along the seashore for almost a kilometer.

The cost of a one-day visit (in summer): from 250 drh from an adult, from 150 drh - from a child.

Tel .: 04 406 8800


This beach club has a total area of ​​47.5 thousand square meters. m - the largest pool in the city (only 2 pools work). A private 3 km private beach has 1900 sun loungers and 48 secluded arbors. The club is visited by both tourists and locals who enjoy numerous water sports, including windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking or banana. On the beach you can play ball or giant scrabble. All guests are served freshly squeezed juice, ice cream and cold face towels.

The cost of a one-day visit: from 250 drh from an adult, from 150 drh - from a child.

Tel .: 04 366 6821


There is never any excitement in this beach club, as it is far enough to get to the hotel. On the territory of two swimming pools, including for children, the whole range of water sports is offered, cold water and ice cream are served. Guests are served by personal waiters. On the beach 1 km long there are about 500 sun loungers with umbrellas.

The cost of a one-day visit: 250 drx from an adult Tel .: 04 453 0000


The most stylish club in the city is a stunning success not only among beach people, but also among Dubai clubbers. It fills closer to sunset when the popular Del Mar cafe opens. Visitors are offered the services of a personal waiter, applying sunscreen before and after sunbathing, an infinity pool with cool water and a hot tub - with a warm one, a pool for babies. The beach has 200 sun loungers.

The cost of a one-day visit: from 250 drh

Tel .: 04 433 3777


Perhaps the best beach place to chat with compatriots. It is also recommended to spend an unforgettable honeymoon. There are 2 swimming pools for guests, including a bar, sports tournaments in volleyball and water polo are held, and many fun attractions work. While children play at the Rixy Club, you can enjoy a massage or enjoy fruit. The beach is divided into 2 zones, along which there are sun loungers with umbrellas and cozy gazebos for two.

The cost of a one-day visit: from 150 drx

Tel .: 04 457 5555


This club does not know only lazy. He earned his loud fame thanks to the eponymous bar. Visitors under the age of 21 will not be allowed here, and access to the pool is completely limited. The main joy is communication and swimming in the warm sea. The length of the beach is 100 meters, only 30 sun loungers.

The cost of a one-day visit: is free

Tel .: 04 318 1313


The huge club took its place under the sun in the remoteness of the JBR area. Infinity pools, a playground, tennis courts, squash and beach volleyball courts - everywhere you will meet Russian-speaking tourists. On the beach, where more than 600 sun loungers are installed, you can indulge in water sports, including fishing and frolicing on the waves, water skiing or cheesecakes.

The cost of a one-day visit: from 150 drx

Tel .: 04 399 5000


The atmosphere of Arabia, 2 luxurious pools and a spacious beach area - what else is needed for a proper holiday in Dubai ?! The 1 km long beach lined with palm trees overlooks the iconic emirate symbol - the Burj Al Arab. The friendly staff serves mineral water, fruits and cold facial wipes. In total there are more than 1200 sun loungers on the beach, a wide selection of water sports, including catamaran riding and sailing.

The cost of a one-day visit: from 275 drh from an adult, from 200 - from a child

Tel .: 04 399 9999


A stunning panoramic view of the sea, a magnificent view pool with a bar (only 4 pools) and the sun from dawn to sunset to the music of a DJ - these are the main characteristics of this club. For children - a playground and a children's pool, serviced by lifeguards. Guests are served cold water and towels, snacks and ice cream, and a sunglasses cleaning service is available. On the beach with a length of 450 meters - 520 sun loungers.

The cost of a one-day visit: from 195 drh from an adult, all summer for children up to 5 children - free

Tel .: 04 457 3330

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