If the hair begins to fall out, do not neglect a visit to the doctor, as the cause of this can be serious violations in the body - for example, sudden changes in the nervous and endocrine systems caused by stressful situations, depressive states, chronic fatigue, and various diseases. Also, hormonal hair loss associated with the restructuring of the body (during puberty, during pregnancy, in the postpartum period, with menopause) is sometimes diagnosed.

Medication can also cause hair loss (for example, antibiotics), as well as medical procedures that can weaken the entire body (for example, surgery, chemotherapy). Among the factors affecting the condition of the hair, not the last place is occupied by a change in the temperature regime (especially hair hypothermia, overheating when using a hairdryer and styling devices). It can be provoked by an unbalanced diet and diet (a lack of certain trace elements weakens the body as a whole).

Some hairstyles can also contribute to hair loss - dreadlocks, African braids, hair extensions, perm, as well as tight tails and buns. As a preventative measure and to strengthen hair, it is worth making masks from burdock and castor oils, rinsing your hair after washing with decoctions of burdock, chamomile and celandine, taking vitamin B and using special cosmetics to treat hair loss.

With stress and overflight, there is a particularly strong narrowing of the vessels that feed the hair, which affects their health.

Mesotherapy favorably affects the condition of the hair - choose cocktails with hyaluronic acid and zinc.

One of the most common causes of hair loss is poor hygiene of the scalp: excess sebum or dandruff accelerates cell death, and dead cells interfere with the access of oxygen to the hair follicles. Therefore, choose shampoo according to the type of scalp, and conditioner - according to the type of hair. Be sure to use shampoos with a neutral pH, and apply masks or conditioners to the hair, backing 10 cm from the roots. This is necessary so as not to disrupt the hydrolipidic layer of the scalp.

Wash the shampoo thoroughly so that the hair follicles can breathe. Wipe your head after washing, leaning down - this will improve blood circulation. The better the circulation, the less hair will fall out. Another way to improve blood circulation is a scalp massage, many salons offer this service, but you can do it yourself regularly with your fingertips.

To stop the process of hair loss, it is also important to constantly nourish the follicles - with age they receive less essential substances, and therefore the intensity of hair growth decreases. For this, special professional tools are suitable. In Dubai, hair loss problems are comprehensively addressed in the Danish Harklinikken clinic located in Jumeirah. The head and founder of the clinic Lars Skjet is a scientist and biochemist, therefore, the scientific approach is applied. His area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest lies in conducting clinical trials of various nutrients that slow down aging and lead to tissue regeneration, as well as in the field of proper nutrition to rejuvenate the body and affect the skin and hair follicles.

Clinics are located in Denmark, Germany, the USA and Dubai - the first Harklinikken clinic was opened in Copenhagen in 1992, and today more than 100 thousand patients have received treatment. It offers an individual treatment for hair loss based on patented innovative products.

One of the treatment methods is plant extracts - they are produced by Harklinikken individually for each client to solve his specific problem. The extracts do not contain artificial petrochemicals and parabens, only natural ingredients such as plant proteins, special amino acids, minerals and fats. The treatment takes place at home: Extract is applied to the hair at night, and in the morning it is washed off with the help of specially designed shampoo and conditioner. In many cases, this is enough to completely restore hair growth.

For more serious problems, the clinic offers a solution for hair follicle transplantation, however, such operations are carried out only in Denmark. The hair transplantation technique using the principles of follicular extraction involves the transplantation of donor follicles. The skin heals very quickly, and the results are visible after 6-8 months.

Text: Olga Fedorovskaya

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