Elusive beauty

This spring, your new vocabulary will definitely include a new word - Les Canebiers, a brand created in 2015 in Saint-Tropez, producing swimwear, shirts, a poncho, shorts, loose blouses and chinos. Les Canebiers beach collections inspired by the 50s, mixed in the sophisticated femininity of the 60s and the motleyness and eclecticism of the 70s, have already made the whole world go crazy thanks to the rich color palette and quality fabrics. An important detail - beachwear for men can be produced in two lengths at once.

Inspired by old films of Italian and French neorealism, Les Canebiers created a large fashion chain, opening stores around the world: in Saint-Tropez, in New York, in Miami, in Ibiza, in the city of Santa Margarita on the east coast of Liguria, on the island Saint Barthelemy and finally this year in Dubai. Les Canebiers boutiques are always located on the most prestigious streets, among luxury coastal hotels and trendy restaurants. So in Dubai, the boutique opened its doors to the most fashionable boardwalk in the city The walk on Jumeirah beach residencesopposite the hotel The Ritz-Carlton.

Fans of the brand often mention Les Canebiers in conjunction with the detective film "Pool" by Jacques Deret with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider, with the melodrama "And God Made a Woman" by Roger Vadim and, finally, with Villa Madrag in Saint-Tropez, where from the end 50s lives Brigitte Bardot, sheltered here a hundred animals. “As a child, I spent a lot of time in Saint-Tropez with my family during the holidays,” Maxim Cott, creative director of Les Canebiers told us. “Four years ago, I confided in the call of my heart and moved here for permanent residence. I like to watch "Saint-Tropez is constantly changing, especially from July to November, I love to walk here in the winter and create my own summer collection." According to Maxim, his favorite places in Saint-Tropez are Canebier Bay and the famous Senequier cafe, where delicious sugar buns are baked.

In a healthy body

Design team Les Canebiers knows fashion tricks that never go out of style. Swimwear is made of elastic, soft fabric and fits exactly on the figure, in them you look more youthful and sporty. To compile your wardrobe, you just need: black Tropez, Carles and Mimosa swimsuits made of polyamide with elastane, ultra-thin Camarat, Barbigoua and Nikki swimsuits and, finally, the Bardot fusion white and blue swimsuit, named after Brigitte Bardot. Exciting necklines, the ever-popular navy stripe, lemon yellow, pink and turquoise colors ... Don't forget that Jumeaux, Merle and Romy tunics are good to wear without jeans: you get an unobtrusive casual.

The champion of the Les Canebiers men's collection is black cotton and polyamide shorts with lobster prints that John Travolte himself liked. Another hit is the Salins Black Cotton Polo T-Shirt for Men. According to the stylists of Les Canebiers, it is a perfect complement to pink shorts and to any jeans, or, for example, to orange and dark green Mocasin Boat loafers. And to balance the democratic character of linen shirts Tamaris, Lavande and Bailli will help noble "thoroughbred" white trousers from one hundred percent cotton. The motto of the fashion brand “Both father and son” speaks about the desire of the older generation to pass on their attitude to fashion to children and strengthen familyhood (pay attention to the children's clothing line from 0-12 years old).

There are a number of fashionistas, for example, the Latin American actress Gaby Espino, the star of the TV series “Fallen Angel”, “The Holy Devil”, the French model and actress Tilan Blondo and Kim Kardashian - who are overly strict to the flaws of the figure, which is why Les Canebiers swimwear is chosen, appreciated by them the highest quality and skillful work of designers, follow the brand’s latest news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In the new season, Maxim Kott, remaining committed to practicality and convenience, could not lose sight of the latest fashion trends in spring-summer 2017: white tunics made of viscose, decorated with pale blue embroidery, translucent poncho with fringe, black and white tops, stunning bikinis, with which nothing beats in practicality and extravagance. The new Les Canebiers boutique in Dubai is located on The Walk at JBR and will undoubtedly become a place of pilgrimage for connoisseurs of luxury, mature luxury and excellent quality.

Text: Igor Shevkun

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