Boutique le chocolat

In Dubai, in the trendy City Walk shopping district, Boutique Le Chocolat has opened, offering its visitors a completely new concept of sweet shopping and combining the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world.

TA Milano, Amedei, Choc d H, Jean Charles Rochoux, Maison Chaudun, Arnaud Lahrer, Marie Belle, John Kelly, Du Rhone, Hugo & Victor, deLafee, Aoki, Henri Le Roux, Chapon, Boissier, Bellanger, Palet D'Or , Guittard, Benoit Nihant, Rococo, Bernachon, Vincent Guerlais, Z Chocolat, Fabrice Gilotte, Roberto Cavalli - these are just some of the big names that are currently represented on the shelves of the institution.

Only 28 brands and more than 700 flavors of chocolate - from classic milk or black to exotic, for example, with wasabi or coated with edible gold and silver. In the near future, the boutique intends to expand both the area and the range, and bring about 30 more top brands to Dubai.

Being not mass production, but exclusive production, each piece of chocolate in a boutique is a small work of art made from exceptionally high-quality products. The peculiarity of the store is that visitors not only have the opportunity to make allsorts of any size and on any budget (from 600 to 2800 dirhams per kg.), But to create their own chocolate of any taste and in any shape - whether it be a simple square, a bar , cake or, for example, lipstick, shoes, bags, dresses. A great choice for those who like to surprise others with original gifts.

In addition to shopping and consultations with Russian-speaking staff, the boutique offers admire the chocolate sculptures and taste the gourmet cuisine of the adjacent Cocoa Kitchen restaurant-cafe. According to the chef, "every dish in the restaurant has a slight accent of cocoa."

Watch the video: Inside Boutique Le Chocolat (February 2020).