Emirate astronauts will perform in public for the first time

Emirate astronauts will talk about their "ups and downs" at the literary festival in Dubai.

Dubai, UAE. Two emirate cosmonauts - Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi - will first perform before the public on March 1, as part of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. The meeting will take place during the presentation of the new book of the Space Center Mohammed bin Rashid (Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center) "Flight into Space" (Journey to Space).

All guests of the meeting will be able to get autographs of astronauts. It is worth noting that the emirates have passed rigorous competitive selection of more than 4,000 applicants and are thoroughly preparing for a flight in the Star City of Russia. It is expected that one of them will go to the ISS in September 2019.

The center reminded that preparation for the flight will last all summer and will end a week before the flight date. Despite the fact that one of the astronauts will remain on Earth, they receive an equal load in order to be able to replace each other in case of unforeseen circumstances at the last moment.

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