Dubai will become the most popular city in the world by 2025

Dubai tourism authorities are set to receive 25 million tourists by 2025.

Dubai, UAE. The Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing of Dubai (Dubai Tourism) has announced a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the number of return visits of tourists and guaranteeing them unforgettable memories from being in the emirate.

The concept, designed for the years 2022-2025, was called "Only in Dubai" (Only in Dubai). Thanks to the proposed initiatives, Dubai intends to become the most visited city in the world with an annual tourist flow of 25 million people.

The project provides for many joint projects with partners, special programs and unique offers, including ones that are unexpected for tourists. Individual programs will be provided for each segment of travelers.

The Tourism's Happiness Index will be used to measure tourists' satisfaction: it will not only help to ensure that Dubai is able to exceed expectations, but will also help ensure that every tourist becomes a loyal guest and lawyer of the city.

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