The first sports car from the UAE will take part in races

An automaker from the United Arab Emirates announced the participation of his sports car in his debut international race.

Jannarelly, the first car manufacturer in the UAE, will debut today with his Design-1 sports car as the so-called “safety car” at the official race in Colorado, USA, at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC).

Representatives of Jannarelly announced that they plan to fully participate in races with their car in 2019.

The car was designed and operated by a team created in conjunction with one of the pioneers in the automotive industry in Dubai - PureDrive Automotive - and supported by Pirelli, the statement said.

Jannarelly co-founder Anthony Giannarelli said: “Participating as a safety car is a fantastic start in the racing world. Pikes Peak is winding roads and real excitement, so it is the perfect platform to enjoy the driving experience of our retro-futuristic Design-1. Our the goal is to establish a long-term relationship with PureDrive and PPIHC, learn this year and start competing in 2019. "

Enthusiastic drivers can order the exclusive Design-1 for 220.5 thousand dirhams ($ US 60 thousand) as standard. Currently, you can still reserve one of the 30 Launch Edition cars for yourself.

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