Dubai firefighters will be the fastest in the world

Dubai firefighters will reduce the response time to fire up to 30 seconds.

Dubai, UAE. The Dubai Civil Security Authority will respond to fire reports faster than anyone else in the world — response times are expected to be reduced to 30 seconds. Currently, the average world standard is 8 minutes.

As part of the implementation of the initiative, the introduction of nanotechnology and autonomous fire extinguishing systems is provided. It was previously reported that by 2021 the average response time will be reduced from eight minutes to four. New technologies will allow you to start extinguishing a fire even before it has time to flare up.

As soon as a call is made to the dispatcher’s console, the fire brigade’s mobile devices will receive complete information about the nature of the fire and a fire fighting plan. The project will help reduce the cost of maintaining services, as well as traffic jams, as fire brigades will only be called out if their assistance is needed. Nowadays, firefighters often arrive on fake calls.

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