Dubai launches online cybercrime reporting resource

Dubai police have launched a site where users can post messages about cases of cybercrime.

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Murray, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, has ordered the launch of an online platform to receive reports of cases of cybercrime from citizens.

The website was launched in accordance with the Dubai 2021 development plan. The online marketplace will allow Internet users to report any suspicious activity on the network.

Al Marri emphasized the role of the Dubai Police in providing innovative services in line with the strategic directions of the UAE and the future plans of the Government of Dubai in the development of smart services.

Colonel Saeed Al Hajari, Head of the Department for Combating Cybercrime of the Dubai Police, said the new service is designed to combat offenses such as sending out suspicious emails, messages on social networks aimed at hacking, blackmailing and extortion in cyberspace.

The officer said that visitors to the site to send messages about the commission of a possible cyber crime need to follow only seven simple steps.

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