Unlicensed doctors detained in Dubai

In Dubai, doctors providing medical services without a license were detained.

The Dubai Health Authority, in coordination with the police, arrested a number of people who are not licensed and provide medical services not in medical facilities, but in ordinary residential premises.

Inspectors confiscated medical equipment used for surgery, abortion and ultrasound. In addition, a large number of unregistered medicines, large amounts of cash, as well as medicines, solutions, and drugs included in the category of controlled drugs were seized.

An investigation is underway into the detention, and all equipment and medicines have been transferred to the central warehouse of the Health Department, where necessary actions will be taken.

Dr. Marwan Al Mullah, director of the Health Department, said that Executive Board Resolution 32 of 2012 on the provision of medical services in Dubai regulates medical practice and provides for appropriate penalties against violators.

The implementation of this resolution guarantees the quality of the medical services provided and ensures the compliance of medical institutions and specialists with the requirements of the law.

Dr. Al Mullah emphasized the importance of reporting violations, offenders and places where medical services are illegally provided. The doctor called on the public to exercise caution with respect to advertisements on social networks and before asking for help, make sure the doctor has a license.

Mr. Al Mullah added that, as part of the authorities' efforts to reduce such illegal practices, DHA has created a special “Health” section in the Dubai Now app, where you can verify the legality of health service announcements.

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