UAE police helped meet two brothers after 20 years of separation

The UAE police helped reunite the two brothers 20 years after they broke up. One of them came from Germany.

The brothers reunited after more than 20 years of breaking up thanks to the UAE police, which helped find one of the men working as a teacher in Al Ain.

Kamal Issa Khalil from Germany contacted the police in Al Ain asking for help finding his brother, Kamel. He lost contact with him when moving to another country. He only knew that his brother lives in Al Ain.

Although the details of the man’s whereabouts were scarce, the police were able to find his daughter through banking information.

The family reunited at the police station.

Kamel thanked the police, praising the emirate's approach to resolving applications of this kind.

"I have been working in this country since 1971 and decided to stay and live in the UAE for the benefit of my family," he said, "because of a sense of security and stability, I want to spend the rest of my life in the UAE."

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