Dubai Safari Park becomes a "base" for migratory birds

A conservation team in Dubai’s new wildlife park has recorded about 80 bird species.

The Dubai Safari Park, which opened its doors this month, is becoming a "magnet" for migratory and some local bird species.

The species conservation team has already registered about 80 bird species, 70 percent of which are migratory, and the rest are local or breeding in the Dubai Safari Park or in the vicinity.

Of the last replenishment, there are four flamingos that migrated by a small population breeding on the islands in Abu Dhabi. Migratory birds come from northern Iran and Central Asia.

“The registration of about 80 bird species and about 35 plant species in the park proves that the Dubai safari is the future of many new bird species that find a suitable transit point and a permanent home for local species. Dubai safari brings some kind of“ dividends ”to the emirate’s population "Being an attractive place to stay for birds and other animals, as well as some native and exotic plants," said Rez Khan, head of the conservation team.

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