Russia is widely represented at InfoComm MEA in Dubai

The Russian Export Center will present Russian developments at the InfoComm MEA exhibition in Dubai.

Dubai, UAE. From December 5 to 7, a group of companies of the Russian Export Center (REC) will take part in the exhibition of audio-visual and information and communication equipment and technologies InfoComm Middle East and Africa in the center of international trade in Dubai.

The Russian Export Center will present an exhibition stand at which Russian export-oriented companies will hold a series of bilateral meetings aimed at developing business contacts and reaching agreements on the supply of Russian products and technologies.

A business program is also provided for within the exhibition space of the REC. December 6, 2017 at 11.30 a round table will be held on the theme "Promotion of high-tech developments in foreign markets". The main issues for discussion will be:

  • differences in tools for promoting high-tech products in Russia and abroad;
  • reaction to Russian high-tech developments abroad;
  • difficulties / problems that companies have to face when entering new markets;
  • the future of Russian developments in international markets, in particular in Arab countries;
  • government support for Russian companies in the launch of products on international markets.

The round table will bring together representatives of the Russian Export Center group of companies, as well as representatives of the Open Mobile Platform, 3d-tek, Planetpics, Compot, Profil audio, RuGeeks, Plazma and NCS companies.

Also on December 6, 2017 at 13:30 a presentation of the RT channel "Virtual reality market in Russia and in the world. Best 360 cases from RT" will be held. The following topics will be touched upon during the presentation:

  • VR market and 360 degree video;
  • VR penetration and use among foreign and Russian audiences;
  • VR / 360 application by segments: industry, FMCG, auto, etc .;
  • VR / 360 application from the point of view of solving client problems (virtual platforms, Live broadcasts 360, applications, digital tools, social media, offline integration, etc.);
  • cases and results of commercial projects (on the example of cases RT360 and other players of the VR market);
  • recommendations and advice on creating VR / 360 projects (basic characteristics on the quality of content, technical features).

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