An eco-school with a bio-dome will open in Dubai

The first eco-school with gardens and a bio-dome will open in Dubai next year.

Dubai-based Praxis Education will open its first emirate school in September 2018. The head of the company, geologist Saad Al-Omari, a native of Kuwait, said that the institution will pay special attention to environmental issues.

He added that the school, located in the Al Furjan district in Dubai, will be equipped with first-class amenities, including a unique bio-dome and gardens as key classrooms. This will allow children to instill a deeper understanding of ecology and the environment.

Al-Omari said: "Human activities seriously affect the global climate, threatening not only ecosystems but also economies around the world, which leads to increased tension in society on all continents and for future generations," Al-Omari says, " Modern ethics, based on compassion and responsibility towards people and animals, is necessary now more than ever.It is this highest ethical thinking that we strive to instill in our students in the hope that they will form an advanced generation that can refuse harm th behavior. "

He added: “Dubai is a world-recognized, growing city. The government has allocated significant resources to ensure that its schools successfully compete with the best in the world. We want to ensure a level of education that meets these aspirations and that teaches our students knowledge, skills and ethics necessary in our region and the world, as part of an inclusive and educational school environment. "

It is expected that the school will open in September 2018, subject to completion of construction and final approval by the educational authorities of Dubai.

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