Dubai will install solar panels on Dubai's golf courses

Installing solar panels on Dubai's golf courses can save you over a million dollars.

Dubai Golf will install solar panels at its Dubai golf facilities after signing an energy efficiency agreement with Etihad Energy Services Company (Esco).

"The solar panels will be installed on the roof of our golf cart parking at the Emirates Golf Club, at our Emirates and Dubai Creek Service Center, and on the roof of the residence in Dubai, where most of our colleagues live," said Christopher May, Executive Director of Dubai Golf .

The panels will help the company reduce energy costs in the amount of AED 4.42 million ($ 1.2 million) over 8 years.

Etihad Esco will also help improve the energy efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The energy company said the project will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.7 thousand tons per year, as well as the overall energy consumption of Dubai Golf by 27 percent.

In 2010, a similar initiative was taken by Hidden Creek Golf Club in New Jersey. The annual cost of electricity was reduced by $ 130 thousand.