Dubai expects phenomenal growth in the number of vehicles

The Dubai Roads and Transport Committee (RTA) has unveiled its first two-year strategic plan, which aims to complement the traditional five-year plan due to a sharp increase in the number of vehicles not previously envisaged.
The two-year plan is based on a recent RTA study of the quantity and quality of traffic in Dubai. According to experts, high growth in the number of vehicles will continue, which will lead to exceptional traffic density. The growth in the number of registered cars in recent years amounted to a phenomenal 541%, which significantly exceeds the performance of the largest megacities in the world - New York, Tokyo and London.
The traffic density in the morning will increase four times in the coming years. By 2020, at least 1.5 million trips will be made on the roads of Dubai every day, which seems incredible compared to the current 350 thousand today. At the same time, the share of public transport in the overall picture is only 7%.
In order to prevent possible serious problems with moving around the city during peak hours, within the framework of the two-year plan, RTA will lay the foundation for work on the Dubai road system for the next ten years.
According to Mattar Al Thayer, chairman and chief executive officer of RTA, the Dubai transport system will be integrated. The main emphasis will be on the development of public transport as an alternative to private. In addition to the subway, residents of Dubai will be provided with services of various categories of buses, water taxis and trams. In parallel, the road system will improve.
The RTA management hopes that residents of Dubai will soon prefer to travel by public transport rather than their own car or taxi.

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