Noble Empire - furniture for aesthetes

A modern interior is almost unthinkable without the use of natural wood. Classics remain relevant to this day, because it contains the proportions, techniques and elements that can transform and take forms adequate to modern times. This is perfectly understood at Empire, whose craftsmen strive to revive the ancient methods of making furniture, which for many years remains stylish, beautiful and reliable. In the Noble Empire showroom in Dubai, you will find unique copyrighted products from rare woods combined with marble and onyx. Here is a lot of what will decorate any interior - marble lamps, soft chairs, sideboards, newspaper stands and flower stands, gambling tables, offices with retractable and folding tabletops, chairs that can be transformed into a library staircase.

Furniture, models for which are the headsets of the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, is not inferior in quality to English, but wins in price significantly. Every year it gains more and more value, becoming a family property, and possibly modern antiques. It is no coincidence that manufacturing and delivery of one item for an individual order takes an average of three months.

The widespread use of mahogany in the manufacture of furniture began in the XVIII century. In the second half of that century, a classic trend was born, the highest point and the final chord of which was the Empire style, which presented the world with bookcases with grates, dressing tables, porcelain cabinets, open sideboards, jewelry display cases, gardinki - flower stands, standing mirrors - " psyche". Soon the empire spread throughout Europe. Especially beautiful and diverse was his Russian direction. The surfaces of cabinet furniture were decorated with elements of classical architecture - columns, pilasters, cornices, and the design of tables and chairs appeared motifs transferred from antique furniture: sphinxes, griffins, caryatids, lion paws. Another element of the style is the abundance of crystal. It is in the interiors in the Empire style that majestic multi-track chandeliers with a cascade of crystal pendants shimmering in the light are in demand. Such collections of Czech crystal and much more are presented in the Noble Empire salon.

Masters of Noble Empire are able to flexibly respond to customer wishes and adapt the "classic" proportions and sizes to individual needs. In the Empire style, you can finish the living room, library, bedroom, study, and even just a long corridor with high ceilings. In almost any of these rooms a white marble fireplace can be laid out (in a city, it can also be a “false fireplace”) with a hand-forged grille. Above it is a huge mirror in a bronze frame or a picture with battle scenes. You can even furnish a nursery in imperial style. The overwhelming monumentality of such an interior will discipline the child, bring up good manners in him. Empire style house is a business card of a business person, evidence of his prosperity and commitment to tradition.

Noble Empire design team is certified in Europe. Factory products are awarded with many diplomas and medals. And this is just the beginning.

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