Dubai Gemstone Certification Center to open soon

The Dubai Metal and Commodities Center (DMCC) has announced the creation of a new sector, the Gem Certification Center (DGC), which will examine gemstones, pearls and jewelry.

The center will be the first such organization in the world to receive an international ISO certificate. Dubai Center partners include leading global organizations such as the American Gem Society Laboratories, the Gubelin Gem Laboratory, and the Directorate of Testing Precious Metals & Gem Stones Testing , Bahrain).

DGC services will be available to both jewelry companies and individuals. The new center will complement the range of services that DMCC now offers entrepreneurs. The metal center has the status of a free economic zone, whose main tasks are the concentration and integration of companies involved in the processing and sale of precious stones and metals. Its members include more than 625 Dubai and foreign companies.

The Metal Center also announced the launch of unique gemstones. A diamond called the Dubai Cut will have 99 faces, each of which symbolizes one of Allah’s 99 sacred names. Each stone of the series will have an individual number and a certificate confirming its high quality.

It is interesting that diamonds mined and cut in Russia will be used for the Dubai verge. The leaders of the Center signed an agreement with a large Russian company on the production of 1800 such stones next year. And the first “Dubai verge” under number 0001 was solemnly demonstrated to the Minister of Defense of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

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