In Dubai introduced the world's smallest Quran written in sapphire

The smallest Quran in the world, written on sapphire stones, has become a material for decorating wedding rings and pendants, presented to the general public during the Dubai Bride Show, held in Dubai from April 23 to 26.

In total, sapphire nano-chips, the size of which is 5.8 mm by 9.8 mm, are coated with 10,000 lines of the Holy Quran in white gold and platinum. So far, only 20 such sapphires have been released, each of which costs 15,000 drx (US $ 4,167). At the Mir Enterprises booth, the stones were framed with gold and diamonds - as an adornment of wedding rings and pendants.

According to Mir Mokari, owner of Mir Enterprises, a unique product will never be mass produced. "We plan to make such stones under the order for those who want to have the holy text of the Koran nearby in any situation, especially during serious life events such as a wedding."