Emirate city of Al Ain will become a city of Google

The municipality of the emirate garden city of Al Ain has entered into a cooperation agreement with Google, which promises to integrate Internet services and email service into the life of every resident of the city and the daily work of local authorities.

Google promises to make its interactive services as accessible as possible to solve pressing everyday problems. For example, Al Ain's interactive maps available on Google Maps are planned to be updated as often as possible. Google will also translate all public documents about the city into its user languages, and will give each resident and each family of the city a single city email account. Google will help local authorities in automating workflow, working on projects and so on. The main task is to optimize the work of the "electronic government" of the city.

“We can help Al Ain maximize the e-government’s performance and enable authorities and residents to communicate more closely through our online services,” Matthew Landeck, Google Corporate Sales Manager after signing the Al Ain agreement, told reporters. The first services are planned to be launched next year.

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