New BMW auto show opened in Dubai

AGMC, a BMW car dealer in the United Arab Emirates, has completed the construction of its country's largest auto show in Dubai.

The company spent 80 million dirhams (US $ 21.7 million) on the construction of a new car dealership with an area of ​​33 thousand m². In the cabin, 40 cars will be exhibited simultaneously. Customer service will be carried out in a round-the-clock service center.

In addition, AGMC is introducing a new Tracking Service, thanks to which owners can track the passage of their future car from one service unit to another using a barcode placed on the car.

The construction of a new car dealership was carried out over two years. As a result, thanks to its opening, 80 new jobs were created.

AGMC's further development plans include launching a satellite service and expanding its presence in the emirates of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah over the course of the current year. Although BMW sales in the Middle East declined nine percent last year, the company's market share increased by four percent.

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