The climate in the UAE is dry subtropical. Rains are extremely rare, they occur in the autumn-winter period (November February). In winter, the average temperature at night is + 15 ° C, during the day + 21 ° C. In summer, the average temperature at night is + 30 ° C, and during the day + 40 ° C. The water temperature on the beaches in winter is + 19 ° C, in summer + 35 ° C.

The average monthly readings of air temperature, humidity and rainfall are given in the table:

Temperature, ° CPrecipitation, mmHumid%

You may notice that the hottest and driest month of the year is July, the coldest is January, and the rainiest is February. One of the features of the UAE climate is the low oxygen content in the air - about 80% of the usual. Therefore, some tourists during their stay in the country may experience slight lethargy and drowsiness.

From October to May, the UAE has wonderful warm weather. The temperature does not exceed 35 ° C, the sun is not as merciless as in summer, evenings are warm and quiet. It is during these months that the peak of the tourist season falls.

In summer, the air temperature can exceed + 50 ° C, even many locals during this period leave for other countries where the climate is not so merciless.

Clothing made from cotton and cotton-based fabrics is ideal for hot summer time. In winter, when it can be cool at night and in the morning, you may need a sweater.

Is the local climate harmful to health?

Not so much heat is harmful as frequent temperature changes during the transition from the street to the air-conditioned room and back. Although, of course, do not forget about the awning, a hat and sunblock. It is advisable to drink at least six glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration. Doctors also recommend eating more vegetables and fruits, as well as drinking laban (a local fermented milk drink) to cool the body.

The water in the hotel pools is cooled in the summer, otherwise it would have warmed up to 35 degrees and would not bring a feeling of freshness.

The main life in the UAE begins in the evening, so do not be discouraged if you safely overslept in the room the first half of the day.

Arriving here in the summer, you can significantly save on accommodation and flights. In addition, in the summer, the Dubai Summer Surprises festival is held, including all kinds of show programs and sales.

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