Russian-Emirate Business Council

In Abu Dhabi, a meeting of representatives of the REDS with the Minister of Foreign Trade of the UAE

On September 28, 2010, in order to implement the decisions and agreements of the Russian-Emirate Intergovernmental Commission (IPC), the leadership of the Russian-Emirate Business Council, headed by Chairman Igor Nuyaksov and accompanied by Russian Ambassador to the UAE Andrei Andreev, held a working meeting with the Minister of Foreign Trade of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Any Bent Khalid Al Qasimi. Igor Nuyaksov told Sheikh Lubna about the results achieved in the framework of the second Russian-Emirate IPC held in Moscow in June 2010, and also shared extensive plans for the further development and strengthening of relations between Russia and the UAE. Sheikh Lubna welcomed the proposal of the RED on the establishment of a mechanism of regular consultations on trade and economic and investment topics between the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the UAE and interested Russian companies and organizations.

The UAE Minister of Foreign Trade expressed interest in promoting halal products that do not violate Islamic food bans from the Russian republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan to the markets of the UAE and the Gulf countries, as well as in providing agricultural land in Russia for growing grain crops.

According to Sheikh Lubny, our countries need to develop business relations in the field of nuclear energy, industry, agriculture, ecology, renewable energy, as well as in the development of tourism and the study of the history and culture of Russia and the UAE. Following the meeting, the parties agreed to sign a Protocol of Intent.