Eternal youth


Gifts for body and soul. Black body scrub with black sand minerals gives the skin a silky and smooth feel. Balenciaga body cream contains shea butter, which softens the skin. With your favorite Balenciaga Paris perfumes, you will always feel confident. The Balenciaga Purse Spray handbag spray is a calm and light scent with hints of violet, fresh foliage and trees.


Super Aqua Enzyme Peeling Softener - a moisturizer for peeling with emollient enzymes. It contains the papain enzyme, which stabilizes all inflammatory processes in the skin and makes it healthy. The main ingredient of the product is acai berry extract, which is a powerful cleanser that restores lost healthy skin. Recommended for daily use.


Honey healing. Specialists from the French brand Guerlain have established yet another cause of skin aging - these are micro-fractures that the skin cannot repair on its own. The new Abeille Royale serum is designed to help her with this. Under external influence, a certain amount of microtrauma is formed on the skin daily. Over the years, it loses the ability to repair itself, wrinkles appear, and elasticity is lost. To counter these phenomena, it is necessary to activate the skin's ability to regenerate. Guerlain's Abeille Royale whey ingredients derived from beekeeping products do just that. The main components: honey from the island of Wessan, thyme honey, New Zealand clover honey and French royal jelly.


While you sleep, Dior takes care of you ... The Capture Totale line of anti-aging skin care products is the result of many years of research at the Dior New Development Center. The formula of the products is developed on the basis of the unique Alphalongose ​​complex, patented by Dior, which corrects all manifestations of age on the skin - wrinkles, loss of elasticity and brightness of complexion, age spots. The composition of the formula includes nine anti-aging active ingredients of plant origin.

The line of products for night skin care includes: Intensive Night Restorative creme, intensive regenerating night cream for normal and combination skin types, Intensive Night Restorative Rich creme, normal and dry skin regenerating cream, and skin care product designed for 21 applications - 21 Night Renewal Treatment.

La roche-posay

Derm Aox Serum. The new Derm Aox serum can significantly slow down the aging and wilting processes, reduce wrinkles and restore healthy skin radiance, making it younger, firmer and fresher. The key ingredient in serum is pycnogenol, a powerful “trap” of free radicals that cause premature aging, as well as vitamins E and C, which nourish and restore the skin


Limited edition Everyday Beauty Essentials Collection. The well-known British cosmetic brand Elemis continues a successful partnership with the charity Mothers4Children, which this time expressed in the creation of a new collection of limited edition skincare products. The line includes six new products: Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt body care product, Skin Nourishing Milk Bath, maximum Moisture Day Cream, nourishing shower cream, nourishing hand lotion and Body Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion and SO S Emergency Cream.


In a flower cloud with Body Mists. The Greek cosmetic company Korres has released a new tonic for the body, which not only refreshes the skin, but also leaves a light and pleasant aroma of jasmine, fig tree, magnolia and saffron on it. In addition, the composition of the product is enriched with such beneficial substances for the skin as sodium, magnesium, zinc and manganese. Cleaner with Milk Proteins & Pomegranate Wipes. Wet and cleansing wipes for removing makeup, enriched with milk proteins, will not only help remove makeup, but will also nourish and moisturize the skin. Wipes contain aloe and provitamin B5, soothing irritated skin and removing redness. Suitable for all skin types. Wet and cleansing wipes, enriched with pomegranate extract, are designed to remove makeup from the face and eyes. Suitable for oily and combination skin types.


Clinicians Complex - Approved by leading physicians. American cosmetics brand Spectronix, famous for its anti-aging products Clinicians Complex, begins their sale in the Middle East region. The Clinicians Complex line is medical cosmetics that will be sold only in special clinics, medical spas and other institutions that are professionally involved in skin care and skin treatment procedures. The line consists of six products: Skin Bleaching Cream whitening cream, Lips Enhancer lip products, Instant Tightening Serum skin tightening serum, Peptide Plus Cream peptide cream and Sulfur Mask, a special sulfuric face mask.


The Brightening Range series has expanded. Two new products complement the Brightening Range line of skin lightening products. The first is the Whitening Concentrated Serum concentrated whitening serum, which uses the combination of white crocus and vitamin C extracts for the first time in the world. The second is Brightening Cleansing Foam brightening and cleansing foam, which contains extracts of white, green and blue colors, gently cleansing, brightening and filling tired skin with energy.


Orbis Soap: not only cleans, but also protects. This year, L'OCCITANE chose a soap with a high concentration of shea butter to soften and protect the skin as a new product designed to raise money for charity needs. An African mask engraved on soap reminds us of the ancient wisdom of traditional African tales, calling people to be more open and abandon prejudices

Miller harris

Traditional Soaps is not just soap. London's Miller Harris brand, which has become famous, among other things, for its line of soap with unusual innovative flavors, first starts selling it in Dubai at the Harvey Nichols brand store. Choose your flavor!