Battle of the Coast Returns to Dubai


Thanks to the strong support of the World Muaythai Council (WMC) and the International Muaythai Federation (IMF), broadcasts on the world's leading sports channels, massive coverage in international, regional and local media, in the presence of the best fighters and current World Champions in this sport from around the world, the “Battle on the Coast-3” Championship will help bring the development of martial arts and sports in the UAE to a new level. The third round of the Battle of the Coast championship will take place on November 25, 2010 at the Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel as part of the Thai Culture Days, held in conjunction with the Royal Thai Embassy in the UAE and the Thai Consulate General in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Vladimir Burdun, president of the Martial Arts Academy and promoter of the Battle of the Coast-3 Championship, said: “We are happy that we can bring the best athletes and one of the most spectacular sports to Dubai for the third time. We are sure that With the support of all our partners and spectators, the “Battle on the Coast-3” championship and all subsequent championships in this series will be one of the most successful sporting events in the annual calendar of Dubai. We invite all Muaythai fans to personally attend this adrenaline-boosting blood event yatie and the first to find out who will be the new Champion of Muaythai Middle East. "

To everyone who did not follow the history of these Muaythai championships, we recall that the first and second “Battles on the Coast” took place in 2005 and 2007 at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Hotel (Dubai, UAE). Both championships were widely covered on Fox Sport TV, Al Jazeera Sport TV, Dubai Sport, and NTV. Each of the championships brought together more than 1,200 fans, among whom were fans of this sport, and numerous VIP guests. Most of the fighters who participated in the first two battles on the coast, impatiently await the third championship and have already confirmed their participation in it. Answering a question from our correspondent about how correctly the timing of the new “Battle on the Coast” was chosen, Vladimir Burdun, president of the “Martial Arts Academy”, said: “You know, everything has its own time. When we held the first tournaments, it was difficult for us to collect the audience the audience, because practically no one in the Emirates knew what Thai boxing was, and no one had held detailed competitions in this sport before us.Now, after three years, when in the UAE there have already been many tournaments - both large and small, people have become very different about Be a professional Muaythai.

In addition, Thai boxing today is systematically moving towards becoming one of the Olympic sports, which means that Muaythai today is developing at a completely different level in all countries of the world. This year the third series of battles of the Battle on the Coast Championship is being held as part of the Thailand VS Challenger world tour, under the auspices of which Thailand VS Europe (Thailand vs Europe), Thailand VS Russia (Thailand vs Russia) tournaments are held Thailand VS China ("Thailand vs. China") and so on. Naturally, we are hosting the Thailand VS Middle East Championship ("Thailand vs. the Middle East"). The main network of fighters is made up of those brought here by the international organization Thailand VS Challenger, since both the level of battles and the level of their coverage in local, regional and international media will be more than high. We cannot allow the battles on the “Battle on the Coast-3” to be weak, because the entire tournament will be broadcast not only to 24 countries of the region, but also to Europe and other parts of the world on television channels such as Fox Sport, Euro Sport , ESPN. That is, through channels with a solid international reputation and a multimillion-dollar audience. And this means that the "picture" of the battle on all these channels must be of high quality from the moment the battles begin and until their completion. Therefore, of the seven declared fights, we put up only three pairs. There will be very few novice fighters, and the culmination of “Battle on the Coast-3” will be the battles of four professional pairs of athletes who will be brought directly from Thailand.

What can “Battle on the Coast-3” give to both sports fans in Dubai and tournament promoters?

Vladimir Burdun gave the following comment: “From the very beginning of our professional martial arts championships, we, as promoters, did not set ourselves the task of holding tournaments just to hold them. Therefore, all our tournaments were of the highest level and were broadcast by leading television channels, except, perhaps, Euro Sport. The third tournament will be somewhat different from the previous two, but not by the quality of the battles, but by the venue and, accordingly, the quality of its perception by the audience. For the first time in the history of "Battle on the Coast we will hold the Championship not on the coast, as the name implies, but on the roof of the parking lot of the Dusit Thani Dubai hotel. By the way, we decided not to change the name of the tournament, since the “Battle on the Shore” has already become a recognizable brand and all of Dubai is on the coast, that is, basically nothing has changed. In order to implement this idea, we have received a huge number of official permits from various authorities and a lot of technical work has been done. We secured the support of the Dubai Sports Council and many reputable international sports organizations, which we could not even dream of before. Why is this platform attractive? Firstly, by the fact that no one has done this before, which means we are setting a precedent. And secondly, from the parking lot of this hotel there is such a panorama that anyone who watches the broadcast of fights will understand that they are taking place in Dubai. When shooting the site where the fights will take place, the Khalifa Tower will constantly fall into the frame, and this is direct branding of Dubai as a sports destination in the Middle East. In a word, we invite everyone to "Battle on the Coast-3" Tickets are already on sale. Do not miss!".

It remains to add that during the championship the audience will have the opportunity to sign autographs about the fighters and purchase souvenirs with the symbols of the tournament so that the memory of the third “Battle on the Coast” remains for a long time. For those who for some reason cannot get into the tournament, we will talk about its results in the next issue of our magazine.

Vladimir Burdun, president of the Academy of Martial Arts and promoter of the Battle on the Coast-3 Championship

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