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Galeries lafayette


At the Dubai Mall, on the initiative of the largest universal French store Galeries Lafayette in Dubai, an exhibition was held for the first time to demonstrate French lingerie. During the exhibition, collections of famous French brands - Chantelle, Simone Perelle and Princess Tam Tam were presented. Representatives and consultants from the Paris offices of each brand told the ladies about the history of creating their underwear and the development of brands present at the presentation. The initiative Galeries Lafayette was received by the ladies and regular customers of the store with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Each received as a gift free advice on the right choice of linen and a discount voucher for its purchase



The famous Italian furniture brand Natuzzi held in one of its trade pavilions in Dubai, together with the public studio Tashkeel, an art exhibition of the talented Emirate artist Latifa bent Maktum. The exhibition presented a new collection of Latifa's works, including her photographs and digital collages. Latifa bent Maktoum is a well-known emirate artist who uses similar mixing and combining techniques in her photo work as in painting. Latifa founded Tashkeel in January 2008, which today is an independent source of support for artists and designers living in the UAE, providing a platform for the art community that they use to communicate and develop local art. Today, members of the Tashkeel studio are free to use all the conditions for drawing, graphic design, photography, creating prints and prints, printing on fabric, making jewelry and practicing in 3D. In addition, Tashkeel Studio has its own exhibition gallery, which regularly hosts exhibitions, seminars and trainings by famous artists, designers and photographers.



In 2010, the French brand of premium mineral water Evian invited the famous Japanese designer and fashion designer Issy Miaki and his studio to work on a new design for a bottle of beloved water. Evian's main wish was: "So that after all the wonderful manipulations, the bottle of water" glowed "with optimism and freshness." I must say that Miyake Design Studio successfully and absolutely without any problems coped with the task. The results of the "wonderful Japanese manipulation" were presented in one of the halls of the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The pyramids from bottles of Evian mineral water, symbolizing the mountains where the natural sources of this water are located, attracted great attention. Today, an original bottle of Evian mineral water, with an exclusive design from Miyake Design Studio, can be purchased both in Issey Miyake branded stores and online at

Palladio interiors


The Italian furniture brand Palladio Interiors, specializing in the field of design, architecture and furniture production, took part in the 20th anniversary international exhibition of design and interiors - INDEX Design Show 2010, held at the Dubai International Exhibition and Congress Center. “The beginning of our appearance in the Middle East region was laid by the company’s participation in the INDEX Design Show 2010. We look forward to bringing to this market all the best that we have been able to achieve and create, including our unique design and the design services we provide "said Ennio Guzzo, CEO of Palladio Interiors Worldwide. Today, Palladio Interiors has its offices in Italy, Russia and Kiev. Recently, a representative office in Dubai has also been added to this list.

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