Flowers, bows and feathers

Do not be surprised! All that previously could be seen only on the headgear, which we will also talk about later, and on clothes as a "bright spot", today has firmly taken its place on shoes and bags!
What designers just do not come up with in order to attract in the spring and summer all eyes to beautiful and slender female legs! They decorate shoes and sandals with all kinds of bright details, and this season, one of the unconditional hits are feathers - multi-colored and monochrome, large and small, fluffy and not very. Such shoes look pretty funny, but if you think carefully and choose the appropriate headdress and bag for it, then your appearance in, say, a party or horse racing, will make a real sensation.

Hats are of particular importance this spring! After all, everyone again began preparations for the Horse Racing World Cup, which will be held in Dubai at the end of March. And to appear at such an event without a beautiful and original hat is just a bad manners. Yes, in a hat or hat, you can decide for yourself, because it can be either a tiny design of a bright flower with a veil or feather, or a giant building the size of a house. A matter of taste! However, hurry up, otherwise the most beautiful and original things will be taken apart, and you risk being left without a prize, which is traditionally awarded to the most elegantly dressed lady. So, it is worth approaching the choice of shoes, handbags and hats with great responsibility.

By the way, a beautiful medium-sized bag, decorated with the same colors and feathers as the shoes, is completely unable to harm your toilet if the dress or suit is modest and moderate in length - a reasonable mini and a length just above the knee are welcome. Tiny clutches and more concise shoes are more suitable for long dresses. Here, however, there is one secret too. The most fashionable silhouettes of spring-summer shoes are the good old classics, however, pay close attention to heels. Here surprises await you! Heels can be woven, as well as in the form of animal paws or even giraffe hooves! They can also be multi-colored, decorated with rhinestones and ribbons. And even a large bow can be “seated” at the base of the heel of the evening shoe. The choice is great and somewhere even unpredictable. Let’s turn on your own imagination and pick up an outfit that no one has ever seen at racetracks in the world.

And finally, do not disregard your companions. And not only because the prizes during the races are also awarded to the most elegantly dressed couple, but also because men love our beautiful shoes, fashionable clothes and elegant hats no less than ours. Who told you that a straw boater or a classic top hat won't suit your beloved man? It’s time, it’s time to think that sneakers and jeans do not in all situations work for the image of representatives of a strong half of humanity, but rather the opposite. So! Going to the most anticipated and most secular event of the season! The World Cup in horse racing with a prize pool of more than $ 25 million is an event to shine on!

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